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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, October 11, 2002 at 11:36AM :

Our politicians are businessmen...our military commanders have stock portfolios, our president is a CEO...these guys are about making much as they can, any way they are the rest of us, though all we want is enough to get through life with. It isn't what they want...and you don't "earn" the kind of money they don't get rich by working a get rich by robbing people and you get REALLY rich by being willing to kill them and their children if they stand in your way.

That's our "foreign policy" now.

It's's up front and in your face...and we tolerate it because we think we'll get some of the crumbs...and some of us will. We'll also get back the body bags and the $15.95 flag the Pentagon buys gross.

They're rushing troops over there like hell now hoping someone shoots a few of them...the more the better. Think of the photo op back home. A few of our kids dead quick and here comes our grim resolve. We're going to force those people to play dirty...real dirty. Hell what would you do if confronted by a gang of cut throats on your block...go it alone face to fifty faces? Of course'd lie in wait and get the bastards one by one...get their kids if you had to.

What do you think George Washington did...wear red coats, bang drums and walk slowly out in the open? Hell no...against the meanest fighting machine of its day he took to hiding behind trees and shooting them in the least any victory they ever had came from non-traditional means...and that's just what we're gonna get.

You know we aren't going to win this war either...we aren't supposed's going to be won by the people who will make money off of it...lots and lots. They already know a day will come when we will get tired of sending our children off to die...with no end to the war while the profits are good. Twenty years from now the nation will give up...hate its own soldiers for the crimes they will have committed...we'll be broke...dead...and we'll just write about different things in the papers and go on.

Those people talking to you now about how "dear" and precious every American life is will send another 58,000 and more to their deaths...they'll have you kill millions of innocent people, they'll bankrupt you then loan you money at interest...they win every lose every way...and you think this is all for your peace and security.

You got it coming.

-- panch
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