Christian Holy War

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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, October 11, 2002 at 12:08PM :

That's all this has been...I mean among Assyrians who are Christian. They accuse Muslims of waging a holy war against them, but it's the other way around. I mean come on...which religion has been over there pounding which religion? The United States causes the death of 600,000 children...most of them Muslims...then cries foul if ONE Christian gets killed? How many Muslims are worth one Christian? Is it like American dead people count far more than any other dead people?

The Muslims of Iraq showed tolerance towards the factuous Christians from almost the moment they conquered the territory...and if they hadn't done it the Byzantime Emperor was coming to take their lands.

Even the Assyrians eyed the Arabian peninsula with covetous eyes...but no one could take the place. The Byzantines also wanted to extend their rule...that they were supposedly Christian provides the holy rationale for hating the Muslims who killed "Christians", soldiers hell bent on killing THEM.

Had it not been for continual Western Christian meddling, often with those one-fucking-position-Missionaries...the Christians of the MidEast would have nothing to fear from Islam...a far more tolerant religion in practise even than Christianity has been.

Ibn Khalid could have wiped out all Christians when he took Jerusalem for Islam...instead he invited back the Patriarch and toured the city with him, promising to respect the rights of all Christians and Jews to worship freely.

It was the Christians of Europe in their First Crusade who killed every Muslim they found and burned the Jews alive in their synagogue. The trail of blood Christianty left behind it is staggering...we just aren't used to treating the Napoleonic Wars and the World Wars as Christian vs Christian...and everyone "Christian Wars" the way our boys are trying to portray every Muslim act of aggression or self defense as an ISLAMIC war...or Muslim "terror".

Christian terror, using all the advanced weaponry of the West, has killed more sleeping innocents around the world, than the sabres and spears and knives of Islam ever did.

What Islamic country makes jet fighters and tanks and bombs and rifles and missles? The dumb clucks even have to get their poison and biological crud from Christian countries. What islamic country built its own navy and air force? Hell the Shah and Saddam got in trouble with Uncle Sam because they REFUSED to buy more obsolete weapons from the United States.

Who dropped atom bombs on two cities filled with civilians? Was this most inhumane and unprecedented attack justified because we wanted to spare our soldiers? Can Al Qaueda use as an excuse to kill the children of our soldiers that they don't want to risk their soldiers?

Who murdered and cooked six million human beings because they were Jewish and undesirable in a few years? Did islam do this with the blessings of their Grand Mufti...or did Christianity do it with the tacit blessings of the Pope...whose church has been urging a final solution for 1000 years before?

In what engagement of Islamic forces...before being provoked and set upon by the Christian West have jet fighters been used...naplam...phosphorous bombs and agent orange?

If you don't think a little about these things it may come as a shock to you when the Universe gets one, and I mean no one escapes their karma in the end.

Somewhere in a hell yet to come they are warming a seat for that "Whacki Rabi From Iraqi"...and there will be plenty of room at that table.

Compared to Christianity...Islam has been a religion of peace and moderation...that's why the West and Israel have been fanning the flames of extremism there for years give us the bogeyman they need...and this will also come back to bite us hard.

It has already...wasn't the world supposed to be made safer after the Gulf War...wasn't it supposed to be made safer after 1918....1945...1955...1973...don't you people realize what big business war is for our bottom many ways besides the obvious consumption of weapons that have to be replaced and upgraded?

None of these leaders from hell want to WIN this war...they want you to fight it and PAY for it. That is their victory. And they'll have another one for you when you wise up to this you should have wised up for good after Vietnam...if not Korea.

Somewhere Eisenhower is saying, "I told you so".

-- panch
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