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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Friday, October 11, 2002 at 9:22PM :

I just got possession of a batch of letters from a certain someone who should remain nameless on account of her fucking lawyer is making enough already and besides I want to wallow in the disgusting stuff for a while all by myself.

All I can say is that if my case goes to trial and I can use this stuff as evidence...holy shit have I made my case in spades. If I can't, I'll use them anyway, later and to far more devastating effect.

Now I don't want you all to think I got these letters honestly...or that they are out and out pornographic. They are better than that...they reveal the inner workings of a highly developed manipulative mind...one that stoops to the most flagrant sorts of insincerities, candy coated to snare dumb clucks...and all the people still willing to deal with her ARE dumb clucks...as even they will agree when they see how this , this, this, this..."woman" could be soo sweet and nice...if that's what you want to call it...and then how she turns on you like a snake...no, not fair to snakes...I apologize to snakes.

Everything I alledged lies in these letters...the whole point I've been trying to make sits there staring right back at you...and she never thought anyone would see tham...and THAT'S why she turned her other face, same as she did with me...because when you wise up to this woman...she spares no expense and hesitates to play no mean and dirty trick...and it will be plain and evident to all...even those who worship her because she has three used German cars.

Is she a capable woman? Hell yes...but capable of what?

Now, you might think I would play it real close to the chest this close to the hearing...we all know she and "Fritz" read here daily. But then you'd not be seeing the forest for the trees. I'm willing to play the Lawyerly game...do my damndest to defend myself and all of that. But you all know the courts are stacked against you if you don't have money...and thanks to these people, I haven't any to speak of...not the kind to spend on lawyers...I blew my last three grand on one and he STILL doesn't believe these Assyrian leeders did what they did...and I was HONEST!

When all legal, court type things have been done...we go over to the Parhad System...and there aren't any lawyers for that. See...when someone decides to "get" you, there is very little you can do about it. That was the core of Hitchcocks thing...that even in a crowd in broad daylight...you could be "alone". Now I'm not implying anything violent...don't believe in the stuff...you lose face when you hit or threaten or attack someone physically.

No, no...I mean a whole different kind of thing. Something I can be sued for forever and ever...the more the merrier. If you are willing to go the distance...no one can stop you. Some have a lot of money, but eventually it runs out...or they get tired. You can go a lot farther on blood...your own of course...heart and soul and blood and guts will keep you going, long after the cash runs out or you've had enough.

Remember Kurtz in Heart of Darkness...and the take-off in Apocalypse Now by Coppola? Remember the part when Kurtz reveals the Truth that struck him...that the dedication of the enemy was way beyond what the colonial soldier...or American soldier, was capable of because one did it from Love...the other for pay.

There is no way on earth, that I am going to leave this earth without first giving such an object lesson in how NOT to treat the few artists we may have...the one kind of person we really need, and not these fly-by-night leaders who think to build an Assyria in their spare time...such as these same part-timers wont soon forget. And to do that it has to be larger than life..."monumental" you might say.

I'm still building monuments...only of a different kind. Course I could turn out to be a monumental jackass...but it wont be for not trying.

-- pancho
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