UN petition for US Regime Change

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Posted by AssyriansVote4Peace from dialup- ( on Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 1:13AM :

UN petition for US Regime Change
By Jonathan Wilson

Subject: Seeking the right person or persons to petition the UN requesting regime change in the United States.

All souls begin to cry as our deeply rooted lineage of war surfaces again and with it the feeling of hopelessness at humanity’s seemingly inevitable susceptibility to kill in the name of peace. It is urgently necessary that the voice of opposition to this war within our nation be made as internationally known as possible now as the call for war is being made in our names.

I have felt called to send an urgent request to the United Nations that would largely parallel Bush’s request for regime change in Iraq. This request would come from citizens of the United States feeling helpless and voiceless against our nation’s bent toward war being mobilized by our leaders, and on a greater scale by citizens who feel we are being held hostage, as crimes are committed in our name against our fellow humans. This would be a call to the higher power of the United Nations to impede the actions of our government and if necessary oversee a change of leadership. This request would be made based on a series of points that would in some ways parallel those presented by President Bush in his address to the UN, to accent that the seriousness and legitimacy of this request equals and exceed that of Bush’s request.

I am requesting help on this specific action, which would be only a beginning step to begin clearing the way for a much larger, purer action working toward peace and forgiveness on a global scale.

Though I have felt called that this should be done it is not my idea. I am acting as a channel to initiate and feed this idea, which is much larger than me and beyond my capacities. I know that this idea is out there and ready to be manifested. I jotted down a brief outline of the request but I know that I cannot complete this on my own. I do not have the knowledge or resources to properly say what needs to be said nor can I align myself fully enough with this idea to dedicate my energy to it. What I can do is oversee that this idea is carried out with pure intent and clear focus but I need not be a part of it. I know that there are people out there who are aligned with this idea and have the resources and know-how to carry it out.

I am sending this idea out and releasing it, that the highest interest of humankind and all life will will be served. I am asking anyone receiving this request to do with it what they can to bring this idea to manifestation. If you have the ability and energy to be a part of it you will know it. Otherwise you will know which direction to send it on its way. Anyone who feels called, please contact me. Thank you.

-- AssyriansVote4Peace
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