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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 1:52AM :

Before I say anything, let me say that in my opinion whatever has happened to the Iraqi people is in consequence to the military aggression and all kinds of international and human violations of the ruling regime in Baghdad.

++++Before the United States toppled the Shah and set the mullahs up in Iran...and before it urged Saddam to wage the war and supported and armed in Iraq was very good...for those of its citizens who obeyed the you keep yapping about how immoral it is to break laws...when they break over YOUR head.

* If the Baghdad regime did not get involved in a bloody (8) years war with Iran, the Iraqi people would not have suffered.

+++If America had not gotten intoa bloody war with Vietnam...58,000 young Americans would not have died...and thousands injured...and so much social upheaval and disruption...should the government of the the United States be toppled...or just blamed for the suffering it caused?

* If the Baghdad regime did not destroy hundreds of vibrant villages in northern and southern Iraq, the Iraqi people would not have suffered.

+++If the United States had not killed three million Vietnamese for nothing and burned their villages...the Vietnamese and Americans would not have suffered. If the United States did not find skunks and rats such as yourself to stir up work with the enemies of Iraq to destabilize Iraq and call for regime changes and forming opposition groups...paying insurgents and traitors...the Iraqi government would not have had to root out these elements. Watch the United States go after its own citizens now...send Japanese to concentration camps...burn and hang Blacks for generations...American people would not have suffered.

* If the Baghdad regime did not invade another sovereign state (Kuwait), the Iraqi people would not have suffered. And please spare us who did and did not mind the invasion!

++++We will spare you nothing...Iraq has always denied the right of the British government to decide what belongs to you are the first to howl about what is rightfully "yours". Yes...the United States set that many Americans admit readily. What you want to do is work for the Turks.

+++You want a list of the countries the United States has invaded?

* If the Baghdad regime did not persecute, execute, deport and re-locate its citizens, the Iraqi people would not have suffered.

+++The United States regularly persecutes its own civilians...especially if they are executes mental retards and people who committed crimes as also keeps innocent people on death row for years, and who knows how many innocent people have been has deported women back to repressive governments.

+++If it is true that the people of the country deserve suffering for the acts of its government...then the American people are responsible for 9/11.

* If the Baghdad regime did not rule with an iron fist, the Iraqi people would not have suffered.

+++Give it up...we know who imposed the wasn't Iraq.

* If the Baghdad regime did not plunder the Iraqi resources and had concentrated on the well-being of all its citizens, the Iraqi people would not have suffered.

+++Heard of Enron, Halliburton and 100 other American companies who have plundered the retirement accounts of their own employees, poisoned water and air...and used poison on its own many American families live in poverty...under many don't have health care while Iraq had a better infant mortality rate than half the states in the South...and education was free all the way through university...a much better education too?

+++How do you find the bathroom every do you tell which end of you should have its hair combed?

I just want to ask those who are screeming "no war" who is to fight for the rights of the oppressed Iraqi people and give them a chance to live free in a democratic society?

+++Are you going to do it when you can't handle an argument without crying for Bush going to do it when he copped out of his own military obligations?

Do we want to leave the Iraqi people under this tyrant to rule the country until he dies of natural causes; may be ten or twenty years from now and then have perhaps his merciless prototype son to inherit the throne and rule another thirty years? We know very well that Iraqis themselves are not capable to get rid of this thug as the many military coup attempts so far had proven because of the manner the Ba'ath Party in Iraq controls the army!! So if the USA is not going to rid the helpless Iraqi people from this inhuman called Saddam Hussein, who will?

++++He is a client of the United States...his regime has meant huge profits for people like Bush and Cheney and the this war will also profit several companies and people. No one really buys this argument you are pushing...and this country will pay a huge price for this misguided are another oportunist who wants someone else to go get him something he has no way in hell of getting for himself. Assyrian my aren't Chaldean either.

The so-called war on Iraq is in fact a war to free Iraq and its people.

+++The dead are free. We burned villages in Vietnam to "save" them.

We know that the majority of the Iraqis cannot wait for that blessed day when this regime is removed.

+++They would count it a far more blessed day when the Sanctions are removed. Here in America there are millions who can't wait till the blessed day when the Bush regime is removed.

What we hear in the west of attempts to stop the war on Iraq is in reality, and after all is said and done, an attempt to save the regime of Baghdad, whether one wants to admit it or not.

+++Jackass...everyone and their brother and sister have said they have no love for Saddam...that America isn't interested in democracy as it backs several brutal tyrannies...democratic or Israel and outright despotic regimnes like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. No one who protests the war wants Saddam to remain in know it too...that's why you patch together these lies and guys all appeal to our lowest common denominator...people such as yourselves.

So my question is why would anybody work to save the Baghdad regime?

+++Ask pappy Bush that question...none of us are working for the regime in Baghdad...we care for the people and the country...we also don't want the United States to become your idea of a good country, set this awful precedent and unleash havoc around the world...just to make a man out of you.

And since Iraqis cannot remove that thug of Baghdad, so what is to be done when the majority of Iraqis want a chance to breathe from this oppressive regime?

"""They were breathing just fine till the United States started meddling...Sanctions are choking the people...not the government of Saddam Hussein. If you get arrested for being a dark hairy arsed Assrin and a guard somewhere shoves himself up your going to blame your walk on Saddam Hussein too?

Those who are from Iraq and have experienced political life in Iraq know very well that when the Iraqi TV shows people rallying for the regime or demonstrating against the USA in the streets in fact means very little; it is a very deceptive picture. Most Iraqis are forced to hit the streets and demonstrate against the USA, for example, otherwise they will face "reprisal" from certain government agencies!

+++Tell Wen Ho Lee about government "reprisal". None of the anti-war people like Hussein and you know that...that's why you keep saying they want to "save" the regime. You guys always lie like this.

Those originally from Iraq know well how the Ba'ath officials whether in the various firms, schools, farms, local neighborhood Ba'ath Party offices, order the people to hit the streets on certain occassions, and the people simply have to obey orders.

+++You'd be surprised how many Americans "obey"'s just done differently. Saddam is just more crude...the United States is far more advanced at oppressing people...without their realizing it. A "rally" on Wall Street is also a contrived gimmick.

In short, if anybody today is looking forwards to a better tomorrow for the Iraqi people, they must understand that there is but one way to accomplish that; the removal of that tyrant and his gang, and when people screem "no war", they are doing so because of perhaps a non-familiarity with Iraqi affairs, ignorance, naiveness or it might come from those who have special interests like keeping Saddam in power.

+++No no fool...we scream no war because we don't want to see the United States become a crimminal nation. There is going to be growing opposition to this there is all over Europe. Bush is the danger to world peace and stability...not Saddam.

+++No one wants Saddam to stay in power EXCEPT Bush and Cheney and company...just as Sharon NEEDS Palestinian suicide bombers...and will manufacture them when necessary.

+++This is an excuse to expand the destabilization of that region to justify American rob, not to bring democracy. You are either ignorant, silly, or Fred Aprim.

Yes to a new democratic Iraq ... (34) years of oppression is enough.

+++No wonder Assyrians such as yourself are roundly hated in Iraq...they are perfectly right. Anyone going over to Iraq's enemies...would be enemies of the United States...thank god you are an enemy of Iraq's...and not a friend. The United States can have you.

-- panch
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