No Arabs In Iraq

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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 9:41AM :

Arabs are in Arabia. Just because you speak Arabic...doesn't make you an Arab. Just because you follow the religion of an Arab, doesn't make you ethnically or nationally or culturally an Arab. Otherwise all Christians would be Israelis...all Canadians would be Israelis as would most of Europe.

Iraq is filled with Assyrians, Chaldeans and others. Christianity converted some of them, Islam converted the rest of them. Islam is the religion of the vast majority and the ruling government of Iraq. Christianity is the religion of the vast majority and the ruling government of don't kill people for these reasons...neither do you wish them dead...hardly "Christian" of a person.

Our boys make these claims because they think it proves Muslims are invading and occupying foreigners from Arabia. Now I know why they remain in forums...too afraid to be laughed at when they make these ditzy claims anywhere else.

Assyria ended 2600 years ago...Assyrians remained vassals or clients of various powerful entities right up to the Ottomans. There is no basis for Christian Assyrians claiming prior rights of indigenous people to any part of what used to be their homelands. No court of court of public precedent.

The creation of Israel was a fluke driven by Christian hatred of doesn't fit our situation at all. There is no world wide man hunt going on for there has been for by Christians. Lord Balfour hated Jews...he would have signed his wife's corset to get them out of Britain. Had their been several Jewish countries to take them in, the Jews of Europe would have far preferred to remain there...anywhere but" back" to Palestine.

Christians of Iraq and other Mideastern countries have a range of places to choose from. The ones who wish to stay are being used as pawns by those who escape...hoping they will be persecuted and abused to satisfy a desire for revenge against the dreaded Muslims who "took" the country "away" from them. That is why they stir up as much trouble for Christians in Iraq as they feed their pig headed desire to get even with Islam.

No way is Iraq going to give anything to a religious sect...that's why our boys hide behind being Assyrian...they think it fools people into thinking their National Diapers aren't filled with doo doo. There is no reason at all to believe the majority of the Assyrians in Iraq are not Muslim. Makes as much sense as any Assyrians being Christian. This absurd "requirement" the boys put out that you have to mention and TAL:K about being Assyrian in order for them to believe another piece of muddled thinking they drive each other crazy with. It should be no surprise that they require people to "talk" a good game...then do nothing about it, nothing but urge on the further destruction of their "dear" homeland...for the benefit, among other things, of their dearer Holy Land...Israel.

It should be no surprise that they act as they do...shutting themselves up in an asylum, issuing their own dictionary of the English language...banning and deleting what they can't handle...because there isn't a whole lot they CAN handle. You can see what sort of an idea they have of "democracy" and freedom of speech...what kind of an absolute Tyranny they would make of any "Assyria".

Thank god they wont get the chance to run anything more than a closed and guarded forum where someone has to be at hand to ferret out "enemies"...shape "dissent" and make up new and improved rules as he goes along...rules that are meant only to be self-serving, so he, and they, can maintain their delusions intact.

Assyrians my arse.

-- panch
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