Islam and Christianity

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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 12:41PM :

Everytime you hear that a Muslim hates a Christian...ask yourself if that Christian is also a soldier or foreign politician...a member of the nation in exile, or likely to collaborate with an enemy.

What if there was no religion in the Mideast or the world...what if ALL people in Iraq and the Mideast were Christian...would there be no wars...would there be no lust for oily profits? Would Christian NEVER kill or rob another Christian?

It is inconsequential what RELIGION people are...UNLESS they use that religion or it uses them. We know full well that missionaries, like weapons inspectors, were used as spies...we know the West used religion as a wedge to insinuate they still are...and we know our own boys use it all the time to justify their blood revenge...neither Christian NOR Assyrian.

Muslims resented Christians because of their propensity to siddle up to enemy states seeking to rob them. There are doctrinal things none of them like about each other...still in the Ottoman Empire, for the only time ever...Muslims, Jews and Christians lived as tolerably together as any single-religion society ever did.

But these things over the last century have bred hatred and well they they were intended to.

-- panch
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