Atra Project: Christian Trees/Muslim Soil

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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 8:35PM :

The thing that bothers me about this, ...and it's the same thing Father Benny was concerned that age old thing about Christian vs Muslim. If the
Christians in Iraq plant fruit trees and sell the fruit at a profit to
Muslims who don't have anyone from America sending them
anything...besides uranium and bombs and no
medicines...and the Muslims have to pay what they may one day
consider to be an unfair price for scarce fruit...we could again be
planting the seeds not just of apples...but of that religious jealousy
that has been exploited so effectively over there in the past.

The more I think about it the more it seems to me that any effort to
benefit the people in Iraq...has to be aimed at all of them...that if we
single out "our" side to help...the other side might single them out
for reprisal. We are making us stand out...and that can backfire.

Benny said there was no way he could give potatoes to Christians and
not Muslims goes against being Christian or just plain
decent...and it can set up murderous jealousy and resentment. We
are still trying to carve out a CHRISTIAN entity to help and to save...and
we admit ,almost, that we are not a part of the general body when we do that.
I don't know who started it and it doesn't matter...I only know it wont
end if we go on this way. Those trees and orchards and apples can't
help but be preceived as Christian fruits...made possible by
selective donations from the same country that is ready to go to war
against the entire population...which by the way will kill everybody and
their fruits.

Our Nuts will still be with us.

-- panch
-- signature .

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