Let's Bomb Iraq To Save Vietnam

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Posted by panch from pool0032.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Sunday, October 13, 2002 at 8:46AM :

I might have the details wrong, but the argument goes something like that. You save a place by bombing the crap out of it. Our Christians are eager to have Iraq saved...it's the same way their Christianity "saved" Assyrians.

Iraq is not made up of Arabs and Assyrians...that's ridiculous. Iraq is made of the descendants of the ancient Assyrians and the everybody elses who were there when Christianity and Islam came.

Our boys like to claim they are the only Assyrians because...they are Christian. Huh? What does Christ have to do with Ashur? They make this silly claim because they have no other way of claiming indigenous doodles. How can you maintain that people who are Christian MUST be the indigenous people of Iraq...and since the indigenous people of Iraq were Assyrians...THERFORE...Christians are the only Assyrians, and ALL Assyrians must be Christian.

Why am I not surprised that Peter and "Ross" and the rest of our intelectuals think this way? They love to toss the word "logic" into the air and catch it on bayonets as it comes tumbling down.

There will be no peace over there until religion is buried or set aside. Our boys are just pissed big time that they couldn't get ahead back there, so they blame it on being Christians...and they call all Christians who succeed back there "traitors"...traitors to what? Why to Christ of course.

They don't want to save anyone in Iraq...they have no love for the land or the people. They want revenge...and reserve their deepest hatred for any Christian who works for and with the country.

The Iraqi people are descendants of the ancient people of that land...period. Their later newfangled religions change nothing about their ethnicity or their nationality. It is a Christian fantasy that only Christians can be Assyrians and Chaldeans. It's their one "logical" hope to get back...what? A Christian enclave. And if you think things are bloody back there now...wait and see if this happens. THEN you'll see blood alright, as Christian dismembers Christian and they all go to haggling over which one of them is closest to the heart of Jesus, and the throat of the other. It was the same when the Muslims came there in 700 AD...they had to part the screaming Christians...they'are still at in in every corner of the world. No one has killed more people, "For Christ", than Christians...usually their fellow Christians.

There will be no peace in Iraq till people accept they are one and the same people divided by religions...both emanating from Judaism. Someone should have thrown father Abraham in prison for indecent exposure, assault and rape way back then...or bopped him on the head as he fled Ur. I can see now why they kicked him out. The Christian West has become adept at working these differences to its own benefit...while taking all people who can benefit it into their territories.

We are going steadily backwards while the West moves beyond religion, as a moral belief, and makes of it a corporate, fighting force for the enhancement of its bottoms.

No, no...Iraq is made up of Iraqis...that's all. It shouldn't matter what religions they are. And to the ruling party it doesn't. Several of "our" people have succeeded just fine there...but they've put religion in its place. The others have made religion their excuse and scapegoat...covering their own inadequacies. Why else would they call any Assyrian who succeeds in Iraq a "traitor"? Hell they even call me one when I make sculptures or bring any pride to our Heritage. Traitor to what? To their country of Iraq? Like calling down bombs on Iraq ISN'T being a traitor? They mean a traitor to Christ...to THEM really because by succeeding you give the lie to their pet notion that Assyrians(meaning Christians) are kept down and discriminated against.

They HAVE to believe Iraq is a crimminal country...that life there is awful and terrible for Christians...that's why they pick and pick and seek out everything that proves their point...it's the only way they have of justifying their own personal inadequacies.

It's the reason they had to ban me...I was a "traitor" to their fantasy. Besides any success I have as an Assyrian...with no obeisance to Christianity...gives them the lie too. What a miserable place they occupy in their minds.

-- panch
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