Blue Angles Of Death

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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Monday, October 14, 2002 at 1:01AM :

Just returned from San's Fleet Week there...the Blue Angels were buzzing the city with their stupid tricks...big deal, they fly airplanes dangerously.

I was visiting Assyrian friends. Every time the jets screamed overhead the children ran excitedly to the back patio to catch a glimpse.

In Iraq other Assyrian children will be running the other way.

Turns out we are far more American than Assyrian over here...just as we accuse the Assyrian Muslims of being too "Arab" over there.

I don't think any of us are Assyrian...not really. Our boys insist you have to "talk" about being Assyrian. What a bizarre criteria they picked, but oh how apt.

Talk indeed.

Our boys are so damn grateful for being allowed into America...getting jobs and buying tight jeans they want never to criticise this happy dogs who wouldn't dream of biting the hand that kills their homelands.

They don't understand that to be a good American you HAVE to criticize, be vigilant, outspoken...our Constitution almost demands it of us if we would be good patriots. In their minds these guys never left Turkey...a Turkey of the mind. They never really left the MidEast...that's why they play the same dictatorial games when given half a chance...and yearn to engage in the same sorts of immoral and illegal and reprehensible types of behaviors they run over here complaining about.

Some Saudis attacked the United States because they think the government is the "Big Satan" we are going to attack them because they are "Evil".

Not a whole lot of difference I'd say.

-- panchmaster
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