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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Monday, October 14, 2002 at 10:28AM :

Let's see...a bomb goes off in a nightclub, 180 innocent people are killed...Bush condemns this act of "terror". The United States over the course of 13 years kills 600,000 children indirectly...and this is "policy".

And when American bombs explode on parks, highways and homes in Iraq...this will NOT be "terror". It seems you have to have an army and a whole lot of stuff to NOT be a terrorist. If you have a "government" like the Nazis did, and this government does some talking and voting...and the entire country agrees to blow up nightclubs...they aren't terrorists...they get to have god on their side even though they too are targeting civilians...the enemies of choice in the modern era.

I can understand holding the citizens of a country run by a "brutal dictator" blameless...after all who asked them? And doesn't this brutal tyrant brutalize his own people? Having not chosen the guy and being among the first to suffer at his hands, you can hardly say they are responsible.

But how blameless or innocent are the citizens of a democracy who had the choice but chose a thug anyway? Maybe you NEED to target those citizen voters to "convince" them to choose more wisely next time?

The whole thing is mad. To live in America and enjoy what passes for life here you have to agree to become a murderer and a despoiler of the planet...your own neighborhoods as well. You just have to. Odd thing is this isn't a poor country...we don't HAVE to go rob other people...not to live fairly comfortable's those Robber Barons again...who can't get enough money and power. They passed the point long ago when they needed any more billions. It's just a game to they feel they have to win at all costs or nothing they have will be secure. It's also bound for defeat...a self fulling prophecy...we are puttting the hatred for us in people's hearts...but our disintegration wont come from outside. We are already crumbling from within. Nothing will save our children...our "educational" system will only get worse and take us all with it.

The evangelical types furiously offering us salvation will be there to read the eulogy...and they'll be thrilled cause we're finally going to a handbasket.

-- panchmaster
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