Trouble in Detroit

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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Monday, October 14, 2002 at 10:54AM :

Chaldean store owner foils an assault on a relative of his...shoots and kills a black man involved in the attack...

The shooting angered some who live near the store.

"An Arab owns it, and a black man got killed. What more do you need to know?" said a man who only identified himself as 36X. Other men around him nodded their heads in agreement and railed against other Arab-owned businesses nearby.

Police confirmed that the family store owners are of Middle Eastern descent, and that the dead man is African American.

The neighborhood, which is mostly African American, is dotted with gas stations and party stores owned by Arabs and Chaldean immigrants.

+++Great...You may yell all you want to about how Christian you were Blacks who were lynched...and you can scream that you're Christian and ride around town on a gold cross...but remember, the people who will hate you are as ignorant as shit...they don't make these sorts of distinctions. After the entire nation gets worked up about Arab Terrorists...and with our own boys insisting everybody who speaks Arabic is an ARAB...all White and Black America are gonna see are hoardes of Arabs coming at them.

We've always done this...used our insecure position in the world to increase our insecurity in the world...and then complained even more loudly that "they" are out to get us.

-- panchmaster
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