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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 2:12AM :

It's good to point out again that Francis Sarguis tried to damage Narsai's reputation and good name out of personal malice and a grudge he bears anyone who achieves more than he an Assyrian. Who needs one more lawyer?

You'll recall that Francis claimed to have been told by the University of California at Berkeley that Narsai David had only completed one semester there...he also told us that Narsai David had "misrepresented" his status at the University, claiming to have graduated when in fact he hadn't.

Narsai never claimed any such thing. We contacted the school and they responded to us in writing that not only was it not University policy to give out that information over the phone and to a third party...but their records clearly showed that Narsai attended five semesters and one summer session...before leaving to eventually develop the kinds of things they now teach in colleges.

The kicker was that Francis claimed he'd spoken to an individual in the records office who told him about the one semester only. This was a new low for us even. We've always had people making things up and passing things along after embellishing them...but this has to be one of the first times someone lied outright and manufactured a conversation that couldn't have taken place.

Francis sent this information out to various people...the result which could have been that people started discussing how Narsai was the kind of man who would lie about his education...which in the circles he runs in would not sit well.

Which brings us to Lina and $30,000 he was able to raise in a couple of weeks directly through the contacts he's made over the years...people who have a high regard for Narsai...and just the kind of people whose trust he needs to maintain in order to do his own work...but also benefit us and children like Lina.

This is how far our envy goes...the mean spirited desire to bring others down to elevate oneself. Francis wouldn't give a dime himself...that isn't enough, he has to reach out and try to slime the few people we have who CAN do something for us.

-- panchmaster
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