Capitalist Model

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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 9:25AM :

...turns out works no better than the Marxist one. There is so much poverty and misery and blight among poor nations...and the newly poor like Argentina.

Capitalism is about making money, lots of it. It needs workers and managers so they do fairly well...but Labor can't ever do too well, cause they will want more and more. Besides, there will never be enough work for everyone and in times of crisis people who thought they were doing well enough will find themselves reclassified...and not rehired because the younger ones cost less to employ.

It's just a matter of the upheavals and the periods of dislocation and want getting harder to overcome.

What do most people want anyway? A good enough life, security, and the chance to watch their children grow. Hell we could afford to just pay people a minimum to stay at home and be families and parents. At the least we could allow the ones who want to to form new farming communities where they could help each other survive.

The new model that sent us all to the cities with nothing but our bodies as tools...often driven off the land to feed the industrial gods...has more nasty consequences than not. Sure on the TV you see all those things that are supposed to make it all worthwhile...but when is enough enough? Who is really satisfied when they don't own half the things they own...and when there is always more to also "not own"? Since you don't own your old car free and clear...hell why NOT trade it in for a new one you wont own either? People are mortgaged for the rest of their lives...their days and nights belong to Citicorp and Microsoft...and you're never really secure anyway...your kids don't know you and you get to where you can't stand them either.

Not everyone of course...but the malcontents are bound to grow in number as we run out of people who can afford to buy all the "things" it takes for us to buy so that this great engine will keep functioning.

I think there are lots of people around the world who would chuck this whole thing if given half the chance. People who don't want one new car, or an old one either. Given the choice between reverting to a village life even with all of its limitations...might be more appealing than occupying a closet in some city, pounding the pavements for work...when you've barely manaqged, as a worker, to get much farther than the men and women who built the pyramids. They too had just enough clothes and food and shelter to make it to work the next day.

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