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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 6:21PM :

Just what we needed...the chance to tell the world what a great guy Dadeesho is. This goes from the sublimely ridiculous to the front of the class at the Clown College. I take it back...someone WOULD hire these idiots.


This is truly wonderful news!!!!!

: Here is the good news the Assyrians were
: waiting for a long time. AssyriaSat,
: Bet-Nahrain Satellite Television, will
: commence global telecasts (24 hours per day,
: seven days per week) at 10:00 am on Saturday
: October 19, 2002. The live telecasts will
: originate from AssyriaVision (KBSV-TV23)
: studios located at the Assyrian Cultural
: Center of Bet-Nahrain in Ceres, California.
: AssyriaSat will cover North, Central and
: South America via Telstar 5/Ku Band
: Satellite (Transponder 24, Frequency
: 12122MHz,Horizontal polarization, Symbol
: rate 22.00 and FEC 3/4). AssyriSat will
: cover all Europe, Russia & CIS
: countries, Iraq, Iran and other Middle
: Eastern countries, East Asia and Northern
: Africa) via Atlantic Bird 3 Satellite
: (Location: 5 Degree West, Transponder KA11,
: Frequency 12711.000MHz, Horizontal
: polarization, Symbol Rate 16,920, and FEC
: 5/6). According to Dr. Sargon Dadesho,
: President of Bet-Nahrain, Inc. Australia and
: New Zealand will be covered by AssyriaSat in
: early 2003. Now the Assyrian Nation has
: created for itself a virtual government in
: the sky. We will be along side KurdSat, Kurd
: TV, Al-Jazera and other middle eastern
: satellite outlets. The U.S. State Department
: has provided AssyriaSat with video
: presentations (English and Arabic language
: videos) dealing with regime changes in
: several countries. AssyriaSat, a service of
: Bet-Nahrain Organization, is an affiliate of
: the Assyrian National Congress. Thank you
: AINA for helping us spread this great news
: to our people and friends all over the
: world. God Bless Assyria and Bet-Nahrain
: Organization.

-- panchmaster
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