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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Friday, October 18, 2002 at 9:37AM :

"SHUT UP!" The freedom to shut people up...that's the "freedom" our leaders cherish.

I dared sue a crook and rat bastard...who happened to be Assyrian. I sued him because he was lying...because he's used to lying to us and having us say..."Whatever he is...he is the best we have". For telling the truth about this liar...the Federation wanted me silenced, tried to have me dropped as a speaker and removed the letters and other evidence I had that he was a liar.

When I persisted they tried to throw me out, called the police to have me arrested, even though they had promised me a room of my own to display in.

When Jackie blew her valves she too tried to have me banned from a convention...when that failed she tried to force me to sign a contract...a contract similar to the ones presented to the other artists in every way except for one sentence..."While at the convention you will not discuss the Shumirum Monument or the Federation." Not because I would lie about either...but because I would tell the truth. They tried to MAKE me lie in that one sentence because if anyone asked about the Shumirum...I could not even tell them that the reason I wasn't explaining anything about what happened to her, was because the FEDERATION forbade me. That forced a lie on me...the lie of "silence". It made it appear that I had NOTHING to say...thereby "proving" to those asking me that I was what Jackie was saying to them, unreliable and a crook...both lies being forced on me and us, as truth.

Then, when I left, Alphonse stood in the hallway and told people there WAS no Shumirum Monument at all...a lie he sanctioned himself to speak out...after silencing the truth...

And even after the convention...when Jackie heard I was to be interviewed on a local Assyrian TV show...she called and demanded all tapes from the interview...and had Fritz, her Doberman, write a letter also demanding the tapes, though they never followed through. The point was to instill fear, that's silence the truth. It was agreed that we would only talk about things I could verify with documents and I left copies with the producer to show anyone who wished to challenge what I said. Besides which we didn't mention the Jackster once...but that wasn't the point...the point was to shut me up and shut me Jackie's lies could appear to be the truth...the only version people would be allowed to hear.

At no time did I create any trouble...certainly not of the kind they were implying. Most of these hot shots of ours have threatened all sorts of things and made disturbances at meetings...hell in Modesto the year Sargon Lewie was elected president, I saw him get into one of those shoving matches during the delegates meeting. I never raised my voice to anyone once...I was a guest speaker at several banquets...I gave talks on art and sculpture...I never was drunk, loud or boisterous. It wasn't that sort of trouble they were refering to, though they tried to make it seem that way. The "trouble" they meant was that they couldn't control, and ultimately, use me. There certainly were good uses to put me to...but that wasn't what Jackie wanted...not what was good for us... but what served her interests.

I must not be allowed to tell the truth, while they allow themselves permission to lie...and blame me when I catch them at it spoils the show...never mind that the edifice of any Assyria they are building has rot and lies at its very core. What does it matter to them...their lives aren't really at stake...this is a hobby...lots of hobbyists cry when their creations break or frustrate what? They think their tears and the degree of difficulty they have at accomplishing tasks, mostly because they are incompetant and lazy, means they must be "working hard" for Assyria.

What really matters to them is their day job...that's the thing that feeds and clothes their families and, most importantly, allows them to buy whatever self-esteem they have. They could never be as sloppy at their day jobs as they are at working for "Assyria". Look at how angry Janey got because I risked her hubby's REAL JOB at what? By telling the truth. He is an "honest" man when it comes to Assyria, because that doesn't count...but when what is most important to him, his day job, is threatened in the slightest...he and she begin concocting lies, one after the save what REALLY counts...the paycheck. No WONDER all they can think about is how much MONEY I am making!

It's the exact opposite with me...working at Assyria IS my one and only job...and I put in far more hours and was willing to take a far greater risk for it then he or Jackie ever have been...tears and all. For me to take direction from THOSE nimnos...from a Dimrod...Bejan or Golani...would be akin to Ford taking my advice on how to weld their cars...or Jackie taking my advice on how best to decorate their books, where she works. Of course they wouldn't let me near the place...I haven't a clue about their work, their livelihood, their day jobs...and I know that. But they don't have that same sense, at least not when it comes to an Assyrian...and a pro. They wouldn't dream of telling that German Nut Job how to write her books...but they feel perfectly fine welding my work...make all sorts of suggestions in a field they know nothing of and getting angry at ME for not complying, "who does he think he is"...because anything Assyrian isn't REALLY important to them...not in any meaningful way...not like their REAL jobs.

And that, boys and girls, is exactly why we have the dismal sort of leadership we do...and why they all want me shut up and shut out. If they win...we all lose.

-- panchmaster
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