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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Friday, October 18, 2002 at 12:22PM :

In the S.F. Chronicle today...a woman is arrested for murder...she bit her husband to death.

The guy was around 60 or so...weak from diabetes...comes home from the hospital...his wife wants...SEX? I kid you not. She's not too healthy either, has mulitiple sclerosis, spends part of her time in a wheelchair.

She gets insistant...wants some of the GOOD stuff! He isn't quite up to it...she gets mad...starts to bite the guy...bites him all over but it doesn't turn him on...he calls 911, they have him on tape screaming. By the time the cops arrive the man is a quivering mess on the floor...the wife looks like a vampire...they ask her to clean up for photos...she wont.

In the photos she's all bloody...not only that but, "things are stuck in her teeth, flesh and things".

The husband died later in hospital...bitten to death. Her lawyer thinks they can have her declared insane.

Has he listened to our president lately?

-- panchmaster
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