The Fuzzy Green Balls Of Andre Aghazzi

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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Friday, October 18, 2002 at 1:28PM :

I think I'll do it in reverse. Janey says I should go get famous with anyone BUT Assyrians...then come back and get "loved". We sent Andre's father away too...told him to go make it elsewhere...then if there was anything in it for us...we'd call, then crawl.

Can't figure out why Andre doesn't come back to do a benefit tournament in Turlock...BYOB...Bring Your Own Balls.

I can tell you why...imagine you go to Paris or New York or San Francisco and get along just fine...among fellow professionals and the people who make their living in related owners...critics etc. And of course you sell to people who are happy to know you...have you your work...brag about it.

Then, in a mad decide to go to Clark Street in Chicago...or somewhere in Ceres and let the locals put on a show for you. First of all you have to reduce your GOD...THAT MUCH???? next you have to endure the envy of those who always believed they too could have made it bigtime, if not for a Muslim they spread the word that you are secretly on the payroll of some American thug...and they themselves are too "pure" and too"true" to have stooped so low.

Of course any written material about your show is going to be incomprehensible and they'll have enough typos to send half the people to the wrong place and the rest wandering the freeways. Everyone who stumbles in will want a "deal":...they'll bring samples of what their fat Sargon, "the genius"...made in art class..."do you think you might know someone...?"

Cheap wine will be served...excruciating speeches will be made...and an article in the most barbarous English will present you in the worst possible light..if anyone could read it. You'll come wont want anyone who knows you to come or even know about it...and you'll never ever do such a thing again.

I'm doing it backwards. I put up with every form of abuse we are famous for heaping on anyone who dares set a higher standard, or seek to attain one...anyone who thinks he, "is better"...than poor little Asur and hopeless little Nineveh. I'll finally endure the ruin of everything I worked for twenty years to build by the same people who will present themselves to you as leaders of our Diapers...and THEN I'll leave.

I may well fall flat on my which case you all will feel relieved..."phew...we're safe".

Then again I may well do very well...then what will you do? You can live with the knowledge that we break our own...unless they refuse to work with us but go elsewhere to share their talent and benefit others.

We can never forgive any one of us who insists that WE can among the best...and does something about it...while the rest of you are content to bluster and beg.

Maybe I will come back...just to rub your faces in you.

-- panchmaster
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