About the "Good Life" in Murder Inc

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Posted by panchmaster from pool0350.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Friday, October 18, 2002 at 3:03PM :

You know...they have really decent people in Mexico...in other Latin countries...and our own people back home are famous for being friendly and sane...they have good times there...out among other Human Beans.

The tyrants we have there are supported and imposed by those same old Colonial Powers. Here in America...they TALK like they care about you...Bush and Ashcroft's hearts "go out" to ahyone who suffers anything, even news anchors "pray" for you...but the people are at each other's throats...and cold as ice, behind their dime store emotions.

I'm not sure life is that wonderful in America...I mean the things that made it so wonderful are ghosts of their former selves...not even poverty is safe here...when that "net" collapses they'll just step over you...and how many of us are going to be roaring socialites awash in cash and jewels.

I have a feeling if America really got its hands out of the lives of the people in other countries...maybe even went isolationist....REALLY isolationist...that the rest of us in the world would do just fine. America's example would motivate and inspire...as it does...without the mean spirited manipulation and ruin of the lives of others...and their own.

How much money is enough?

Sure...you make life miserable enough people are gonna want to bail out and come work in America where your blood will be drained for you and things are "stable". But how many of these people yearn to go back to their homes and live in peace?

Add to that now security check ups, background checks...facial profiling, racial profiling and a sinking economy and a growing murderocracy...maybe American white males will get their wish...America For Whites.

-- panchmaster
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