Stake-Out in Chicago

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Posted by panchmaster from ? ( on Friday, October 18, 2002 at 3:52PM :

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Turns out there is a crowd of process servers looking for Nimrod. I called their offices at the AUA...on King Sargon Block by the Pakistani Burrito shop, across from the Afghani Pizza Parlour and and Hindu Italian Restaurant...they said John was in...on the phone long-distance.

So I call my process server and tell them to go nab the sucker. They call back to say the doors at the AUA are locked...people are inside but they wont open the door unless they know you...I suppose.

Then he tells me they've been to the court house for the civil records and John Nimrod is being sued in State AND Federal court.

Now they've got four or five process servers trying to nab the Leader of the Free Assyrian world...boy he sure is SOME politician.

There's an alley behind their building...that's where Trixy and Carmelitta run their business...ahem. There's an automatic door that opens to a garage in back there. John must drive down the his door opener...and enter into Assyria...the back way. Kind of a "Soddom in Assyria". Inside he conducts Assyrian business...while the women lock the doors and keep a sharp eye out.

After Assyria has had its Diapers changed...he slips out the back way...Cook County style.

The process servers are going to gang up on him...just block the alley and wait the guy out...he'll have to pee eventually.

That or they'll get his home address and jump him there. While we were talking my guy said he had to go...said it so fast and said he'd call me back that someone must have seen a hair on John's ass somewhere...

I'd almost prefer to sue him out there...we could take turns. Sad, sad, sad...but so DAMN funny!!!

-- panchmaster
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