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Posted by panchmaster from pool0295.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, October 19, 2002 at 9:03PM :

Censorship always holds people back...always.

It's funny how people think I am either rich and have nothing but free time...that my kids raise themselves... or I have "nothing better" to do.

If you check the times when I post you'd see I get up early, stay up late, even on weekends...and wangle the time in between flying around, driving around, going to court, going to the foundry and working on the Lamasu, sending sculpture to galleries, shuttling between California and Mexico for this lawsuit...(six times this year) and sleep.

The only explanation people seem comfortable with is that A. I am a paid agent....B. I am a demented and unpaid agent....C. I need a Baathey.

Same as the only reason most of us see for my interest in making Assyrian sculpture is that, A. I want money...B. I want lots of money 3. I want a whole lot of money.

I think the idea that I must be insane fits best. Which of you would risk your livelihood, the security of your children, your old age...on anything that depended on Assyrians? And on top of that put up with the abuse that comes with the territory.


-- panchmaster
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