Case Against Lincoln Bejan

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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Sunday, October 20, 2002 at 8:29AM :

He demures. Fritz claims Lincoln had nothing to do with anything...that I tossed him in just to be mean. It's funny...Jackie can "alledge" whatever she wants to against proof necessary...and if Fritz phrases it correctly...there goes Jeff.

I have plenty to complain to the courts about Lincoln Bejan...but if I don't say it properly...out goes Lincoln. The Law should be applied in such a way as to give ordinary people the feeling that it was made by Humans...for Humans.

Keeping the faith and the respect of the people will lead to better application of the Law in the end. Seems every society has degenerated into legal lawlessness eventually. people just lose respect and interest cause they see themselves being tied up in knots by snot nosed kids with the sanction granted by "law".

Right or wrong...when the time arrives, all people have broken whatever laws they had in their disgust and rage. They'll tell you there's no telling but that the Law kept people sane and respectable for as long as it could...without it being applied whatever way it was... in the end, things could have been "much worse". Maybe...but this way they DO get worse.

Anyway...I'm suing these people because all together they worked it so as to arrive at one conclusion...they were going to break me for not going along with them, not allowing them to take over my work and put it to work for them, and just to show they were powerful enough to do it.

Jackie Bejan lied when she signed the complaint saying I had swindled them...knowingly no less...she also lied when she said she'd loaned me any $6,000. I spoke with Lincoln in his office...Jackie wasn't there. I asked if he wanted to contribute to the Hammurabi, as he had to the Shumirum. He agreed, but wanted another sculpture as a "gift"...or put differently he was buying a sculpure I had as yet to make...said he would choose one later.

He knows it, and Jackie knows it. It was only after...after I said "no" to Jackie that she turned that into a loan...adding the further lie that she asked me to repay it several times but I refused.

Either Lincoln is afraid to cross Jackie...even when she meddles with his own dealings...and he agreed to her version of events, or he lied to her...either way he knows and she knows that they are both lying. And Jackie committed perjury in signing her name.

Lincoln asked me to get in on the land deal in Mexico...a swindle doesn't usually work that way. I never tried to convince him or anything, even gave him the name of the agent down there so he could do it himself. I told him there was a risk...but the prize was worth it. I lost out...and another friend lost out. Neither of us are crying about it...or lying about it...relatively speaking we lost more than Lincoln did.

As far as borrowing any money from Jackie...where is the check with her signature on it? Lincoln wrote the check...the deal was made with him. If she was so pissed off why would she buy more sculpture from me after I "refused" to pay back her loan? She'll tell you it was because she felt sorry for can see how sorry she felt for Jeff...sorry he didn't stick by her...even when she got the Whacki Iraqi Rabbi to put pressure on us.

Jeff did absolutely nothing to Jackie...not a thing. Even Fritz the Doberman says so in letters to Jeff..."just distance yourself". Lincoln helped Jackie committ perjury...but I have to phrase it JUST right.

Jackie's big thing is loyalty...bought and paid for...if not, then secured through Fear...fear of her wrath and vengeance. At the least she gets people to cut her a wide swath...cross the street when they see her coming. It's laughable that someone would increase their self-esteem by scaring people into silence...I mean come ON!!!

Lincoln will have his way or another he will get on the stand and swear an oath. And then I'll ask him about the loan...and the land swindle. All along I've maintained that we gossip and lie and spread rumors like it was the noblest thing we do...a profession almost. And others have told me these people will go on lying, even under oath in a courtroom...Jackie did it already on paper. I still say lying on the witness stand is a different thing entirely...especially in a civil case...where I need only a preponderance of the evidence. Will a jury believe them just because they have deep pockets? That's what Janey believes...I mean she comes out and says that America has a great system of justice and Jackie is rich and the jury wont believe me, cause I am not.

There are other lies she has to swear to...will they believe each and every one...even if she performs well? And if they come to doubt the more obvious I appeared at her door and she put groceries in a bag for me (which she told to someone who can testify) will they know when to believe anything else she says?

Lincoln's best hope is to get me on a technicality...a good bet. I wonder what kind of sculpture Fritz could make at a moments notice if we had a different system...if you had to have great artists and poets defend you in court by the quality of their artwork? And he had to make his own? He'd default too.

-- panchmaster
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