No Smoking Gun

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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Sunday, October 20, 2002 at 11:39AM :

It's always the same...back during Vietnam the pundits said it was a great and a god war. When questions were raised about the fact that we went to war for no good reason...that countless violations of human rights were taking place...the officials said there was no proof...when we said Nixon was a crook...they said where is the proof...whenever you criticize the people in power they say you hate's all about maintaining thier authority, their hold on power, their version of what the truth should be. And it's most important they maintain the ability to keep denyiong the obvious for the more they can defy the mounting evidence against them, the more powerful and successful they feel.

The Pentagon Papers clearly showed that the American government was acting the part of hoods and thugs, murderers and torturers...clearly showed it...and they arrested the man who leaked them, Daniel Ellsberg, a Marine himself and an early supporter of the war who couldn't take it any more.

These people see devils and evil every morning at breakfast...breasts are evil...hips and thighs are dangerous...and if they indulge at all, it is because the devil overcame them. They are sick puppies who have every good reason to believe that somewhere at some time someone wants to exterminate them...they can't seem to help but make it come true. The trouble is they infect our air and take the rest of us with them.

Some will be clearer even than it is now that the actions taken against Iraq, ALL of them...were illegal as hell, never mind immoral. We just have more TV channels...more product to sell...more pundits, so they overwhelm us by shouting at each other, wagging fingers at us...hell you'd think every news person in America was holding stock in "War Inc".

And in a way they are. There are so many slots up there at the top of corporations or broadcasting or government. It doesn't matter who fills the slots...if you get shit canned they'lll fill them with someone else...but the slots are there, and those in them want to stay. Upheavels of any kind...any vibrations to the structure of slots makes these guys high school principals worried that some jungle juice might seep into the drinking fountain.

They'll tell us we're wrong...fight us, arrest us, sue us, imprison us...and all on the grounds that we can't produce any "facts"...that there is no smoking gun...that gun has to kill a whole lot of innocent people to produce enough smoke to satisfy. But if they're the wrong people..we still don't care.

Somewhere there HAS to be Evil. And when people in power can't find it out there...they dig it up from inside of them...because to them it is the biggest evil of all to oppose them.

-- panchmaster
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