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Posted by panchmaster from ? ( on Sunday, October 20, 2002 at 9:17PM :

No Muslim in two hundred years has come to America, North or South looking for oil or trouble. Not one. Until the WTC the greatest act of terror in America was committed by a white boy...not to mention the 11,000 or so of us killed each year by us...mo Arabs need apply.

There was never any justification for going to Vietnam either...just rape and murder pure and simple...and we had these same pure simpletons telling those of us who loved America enough to want to save the lives of 58,000 Americans, that we were traitors, fools and didn't "love" America. We wanted to be able to take a shit in Vietnam and when they tried to throw us out we killed them.

These people are dangerous...and they are the ones who seize power here...who NEED to weild it...and we are their FIRST enemies because we are here, we know them...and we can either vote them out of office or expose them.

Long before they get around to attacking any Vietnamese or Arabs...they attack US.. They do it by working us to distraction...selling us legal drugs...drugging our children...poisoning our air and water...stealing our pensions and denying us medical care...even while they poison us and our children...and whenever they don't need us any longer...out on the streets we and our children go.

The pittance they provide for social programs is just that...a mere fraction of what they steal from us. As they just raided the Treasury to "protect" us from Saddam...a man who never attacked America either.

What's the message here...We're coming to get you anyway so go ahead and attack us...what do you have to gain if you don't???

-- panchmaster
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