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Posted by panchmaster from pool0072.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Monday, October 21, 2002 at 11:06AM :

The next time I get a monument installed...if I ever do...I'll put Arabic, Persian and Turkish script on it...plus Chaldean and our own Assyrian...and then English. It should be no more strange that an Assyrian speaks Arabic and believes in Islam, calls him or herself Turkish, than it should be that he speaks English, believes in Christianity and calls herself American.

We can't see how this penchant for turning ourselves into factions and sub-factions is hurting us...keeping us divided against each other while we are robbed and killed. Even in a United America we bring these petty conflicts here and turn on each other. If the United States went that way...the North against the South, Catholic against Baptist..state against state and region against region...we'd be ripe for the picking too. If Classical Islam had remained unified, the Mongols would never have decimated their culture and ruined their wealth.

Radical Islam and murderous Fundamentalism are the greatest friends and allies the United States has. They are gleefully portraying all of Islam as ignorant and backwards and barbarous. They LOVE the Taliban...loved what they did to women and girls and Art...they are overjoyed every time a tape plays on CNN that shows Muslim men beating women for having a strand of hair showing.

Without turning all of Islam into comic butchers how could they justify murdering them all. Doesn't America sigh with relief now whenever a Muslim is killed anywhere?

Here in America the Islamic community has to make a point of being in-your-face. Let what remains of the Constitution protect them as it protects white people and Protestants...they must not fall into the trap of being "greateful" to America for taking them in...the same America that has been plundering their lands for years now and killing their people.

Place Muslim monuments in as many places as possible...that's a good way of getting exposure. Don't think you'll protect yourselves by blending into the woodwork...or like us you'll lose your younger generations by showing them that passing for white is the "best" they can hope for. By then it will be too late to instill "pride" in them.

It's a mistake we Christians made...coming to a Christian land where we felt we would be "safe". We are safe...so long as we remain unknown and our neighbors' ignorance doesn't come looking for us because we're "Arabs" too...fear and paranoia will do that...most of these rednecks don't know where New York is on a map...they wont make subtle distinctions about you or I.

The French, British, Irish etc...made America a European outpost...we Middle Easterners have to be more than their servants...we have to make our culture a part of America as well...it's even MORE imperative for us to do so in this atmosphere.

There is no safety in denial...unless oblivion is what you wish for your children.

-- panchmaster
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