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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Monday, October 21, 2002 at 2:36PM :

In Reply to: Protest Letter at beth. posted by panchmaster from ? ( on Monday, October 21, 2002 at 1:21PM :

>You are not only a loser but a liar and a person who does not know his history too:-)

+++Here it comes.

>1. The conquest of Islam did not start in 700 AD ... it started in 630 AD.

+++If you want to be a stickler about it...PROVE IT! What're a few years...if you start your rebuttal with THAT weak a point...where can the rest of it be going? No doubt my posts will be removed and yours left up...just to "prove" your point.

>2. It is funny that you claim that Christianity was recent in Assyria, 2000 years in anything BUT recent.

+++Islam only showed up 600 years later...hardly a "late arrival" by your own calculations. What do you mean "claim"...Christianity was around before then?

+++Ashur was there before all...the rest arrived later...but if you claim the people remained Assyrian, they would have had to remain Assyrian in religion as well. We were far molre refined than the Jews you and the Muslims got your religions from...every reral Assyrian knows that.

>3. There are absolutely NO Moslem Assyrians in Iraq as you claim. Not even one family claims as such, stop your fabrications.

+++They don't have to make the claim. How loudly and insistently have Assyrian families in America CLAIMED to be anybody? In fact, our Ashurbanipal Monument was the FIRST non-CLAIM by anyone here in 100 was an ACT of affirmation of our existance and presence and endurance. And no Muslim anywhere stopped the next two monuments...Christian Assyrians did!

Islam is a religion, not a PEOPLE. The religion of Islam is more recent, as is Christianity...than the indigenous religion of the indigenous people. Stands to you can see from the example of Christianity...which won converts first...and then when Islam came too won converts among the indigenous residents. You have absolutely no way of knowing any sane person would admit. It is a Christian belief, that's all...hardly "history".

+++Do YOU talk about how you have Mittani blood or Hurrian blood in you? emphasize what is most important to you. To Muslims in Iraq, Assyrian history is only ONE of the noble traditions they embrace. They do not deny the earlier Christian history they don't deny the Assyrian...but they don't claim to be Christian...just because Christianity had an earlier presence there.

+++To Muslim Assyrians, the Assyrian heritage is one of many great ones there. They show their appreciation for it by preserving it and protecting it and writing books about it and studying it and offering degrees in it...not a ONE of them supports the United State's bombing of their lands and ALL the treasures there.

+++How can you claim to be Assyrian and yet wish more destruction on that land? Would you ever countenance attacks aginst your church? Of course not. Then why against your homeland? Muslims would not condone attacks against their mosques, OR their homelands where the Assyrian heritage of today survives.

+++Besides the proof lies in actions, not words. I wouldn't think much of a Muslim Assyrian if he came over here and advocated the bombing of Iraq. This removing of posts you 'don't like"...and calling people names for not agreeing with you proves better than anything that you are Christians first...then Assyrian...the same thing you accuse Muslims of...favoring their religion over their ethnicity.

+++Do me a favor...send your letter in to Mr Bertolino...I did.

-- panchmaster
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