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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Tuesday, October 22, 2002 at 3:54PM :

In Reply to: How Did You Make The Leap? posted by Ashur Bar Ninvayah from ( on Tuesday, October 22, 2002 at 2:33PM :

: I realize that you enjoy dancing around all of my posts now with your taunts and that it will probably be impossible to get an answer to this question, but I'll try anyway. Your previous posts seem to profess that you don't believe in any religion, ergo, no Supreme Being or if A Supreme Being, then certainly not one that could exert any moral authority over the human race.

+++Good, I don't believe in murderous fairy tales. You think the Romans turned Christian for the hell of it? Did they or the Byzantines ever act the part? First Yahweh set the tone by insisting his gentle and dear son HAD to be brutally murdered...then Constantine, that first Christian... EMPEROR(???) had his wife and two sons killed...god set him the example. No Christian of any consequence really believes in the stuff either...not the kind who run the show. They use it because it's a great tool for social control. There are much better ones. The one time this moral religion of yours had it's moment in the sun, it turned into an age of darkness...they burned and tortured and killed. "Obscurantism" is their religion...the Dark Ages lit by the bodies of decent people who dared use their godly intelligence...and women called witches by your barbarous doctrine of death and destruction.

+++You keep sweeping your religious crap under the carpet and putting your meek face any corporation that downplays its failures and still advertises its product. It's been 2000 years...the waranty expired long ago...this "moral suassion" of yours is was bankrupt long ago with the TWO World Wars... the great "warming pan" and Crock Pot you guys made of Europe...this most recent attack against the children of Iraq is another stellar low point on your road to hell. At least you will know you earned your damnation.

If you acknowledge that to be true, then isn't that just a great leap into oblivion?

+++Trying to speak to you is that great leap.

If it is, then why are you so angry about a universe that is screwed up to the nth degree and humanity which is just as screwed up, yourself included?

++++I'm not angry at all. Everyone thinks I am because THEY are so damn pissed at anyone for escaping the Machine...the one you all hum to and purr inside of.

: No name this time just the ghost in the machine,

+++That suits you far guys all pick heroic names...and then act quite the you call yourselves Christians and want Palestinians killed...and support this government while it kills the Assyrians of Iraq...of whatever religion.

-- panchmaster
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