The Sniper And Madeleine Albright

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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Tuesday, October 22, 2002 at 9:23PM :

The note says something like, "your children aren't safe anywhere, at anytime".

Could've been sent by Albright to the parents of Iraqi children.

She could have said to the people of Iraq..."your children will not have food or medicine, no clean water, no sanitation or schools, and they will live in constant fear of war...of the deaths of their beloved parents and siblings...but it is a "policy" we feel is beneficial for us". No serial killer, no madwoman or man could have said it better.

One kid is shot in America...several adults. To view this as a tragedy one is supposed to value ONLY American lives. If you see people as people...children as children...if you don't believe in "enemy children"...then you want to condemn the kind of thinking that consigns a half million children to death by disease and starvation and says it is acceptable.

This continued arrogance that keeps popping its ugly head out is exactly what growing millions of people resent about this country. These leaders think it doesn't matter...that American might will always prevail. Look what one guy...or three, is doing to us.

Like the Israelis, who took their cue from this government...we are busily manufacturing enemies for the American the short run it will indeed increase the bottom lines of several bottom feeders...but it will unleash a storm the rest of us will suffer from...and which wont be put down so easily...this sniper is nothing...nothing compared to what we could suffer. And you can see what our MIGHT is safe and protected we must be. Oh...we'll high five each other when he's caught...and there will be talk about how we stood tall...but we're all jumpier than we were...and we'll never know what can come next...and it will surely as this one came.

When news reports told us of Iraqi children, children born into Sanctions...children who could have had the best medical treatment in many a country if not for the war America brought to Iraq...dying and languishing in filthy hospital hallways...who in America did or said anything? Even our own people kept their mouths Assyrian children suffered needlessly.

If you have no interest or care for the welfare of Human Beans,,,unless they're on your side...then no one feels much for you...and when the scales tilt...and they always have...who will care for you...or your children?

Bush is the greatest threat this country has faced in a long time.

Iraq had an enviable lifestyle before the Gulf War Set-Up and the Iran Iraq War. What we have done to those countries is a crime, a most terrible crime.

-- panchmaster
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