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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 9:59AM :

  Beth Suryoyo Assyrian (Othuroyo) Forum  

Written by Solution on 23 Oct 2002 07:19:53:

As an answer to: Another Kind Of Kurdish Terror .. written by Ashor Giwargis on 22 Oct 2002 22:55:21:

+++The Kurds are allowing Assyrians some representation...allowing them cabinet posts...gave them land for schools...allowing them to have language schools....somehting these heroes haven't managed in America in 100 years. And if the Kurds should
"betray" the Assyrians one day when they no longer need them...what did Britain do to us...what will America do to us? We have been betrayed by everyone, Christian and Muslim. Worst of all...we betray our own children.
I believe that this whole Assyrian Aid is full of flaws, because they are thinking backward.

++++Whereas you are the soul of modernity.

When they send help to Assyrians in Garbiya D'Bet-Nahrin they need to cover all aspects of their needs over there, including security.

+++We can't cover our asses over there and you want ALL aspects covered?

It would be stupid to build a mill when they don't have the weat to grind!

+++They built a mill? Is it stupid to build a roof when you don't have one? Stupid to dig a well when you don't have water?

What the Assyrians in Garbiya need is a deterrent force that can defend them, and dictate their social needs.

++++No thanks...the day you guys dictate ANYTHING to anyone is the day we all run for cover. Would this deterrent force give their names?

It would have be smarter to arm and train the Assyrians (without electricity),

+++They used to use electricity to train us with?

then once they are strong enough, they can force the other side to bring the electric generators to any location of their choice, so they can have electricity.

++++My must be so pleasant for SIMPLE and pleasant. Now why didn't I think of this solution?

Additionally this act of agreesion should be documented and presented to the UN. Photographs should be taken of the demolished electric generator and sent along with a report to all human rights orgtanisations, UN, European Union, and USA state department.

++++Oh lord....mass graves in million Africans slaughtered in Rawanda...starvation in Africa...nuclear instability everywhere...Human Rights violations up the wazoo in Palestine and Israel...and this guy wants to send a picture of two generators to all the leaders of the world.

+++All we need is a Protest from Peter the Rabid...and a cover letter from Atour Golani...the giant of Assria.

-- panchmaster
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