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Posted by Ashur Bar Ninvayah from ( on Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 1:58PM :

In Reply to: Re: That Post, Assyrians and Jews, Is Not Mine... posted by panchmaster from ( on Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 12:26PM :

Dead Head Fred:

Well, then, I will take my leave. As despicable as you are, I didn't think you would really stoop that low. I gave you more credit than you deserved. You are full of surprises... that was unexpected. And I was just beginning to enjoy myself here. Before I do leave, however, you've deposited so many false assumptions about what I believe, when you replied to my previous posts, that I have neither the time or patience to debunk them all, but let me at least relieve you of the delusion that I ever called for a war of liberation against BetNahrain. That is a highly detestable tactic of yours to accuse someone falsely so you can then reply in heroic fashion against some invisible enemy fashioned by your own warped imagination. Let me repeat for the last time, although I'm sure you'll find some pseudo-intellectual way to twist what I'm saying, that my only concern is for the safety of Assyrians, included among them are relatives that are dear to me. That is why I came on this Forum. It doesn't bother me anymore how you respond with your banal verbal attacks. Your tantrums have no real substance to harm anyone, except yourself. What I cannot abide is dishonesty, subterfuge, masquerade, all of which, you are drenched in. You should take a clue from, Professor Nietszche, whom at least I respect for his honesty, even though I don't agree with him.
Well, au revoir
Ashur Bar Ninvayah

: I know what you's despicable ain't it? Sort of like Christians posing as Assyrians...TRUE Assyrians no less...and in the next breath calling for a war of "liberation" against BetNahrain.

: The person posting in your name is someone called Fred Aprim. He does this sort of thing and then complains that someone else is doing it. That's the kind of guy he is. But what can you do.

: I'll try to keep a jaundiced eye out for him and his ilk in the future.

-- Ashur Bar Ninvayah
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