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Posted by panchmaster from ? ( on Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 2:34PM :

Let's say the war moves forward...a few years down the line after several hundred American soldiers have been killed...a few more terror attacks in the United States...some more cut backs in that damn Constitution...worse gas mileage for gas guzzlers...more lowered clean air standards and reduced regulations for gas efficiency...the Repubs start talking about how our "dependence" on foreign oil is the main reason we had to send our boys and girls to their deaths...cause we have to peotect our WAY OF LIFE.

Everyone will see the reality of that because increased gas prices will have cost us several lost jobs and closed down businesses...and we STILL can't afford to drive the kids to soccer.

Then they float the it really...of drilling for oil in your backyards and up your arses if need be..."anything to bring our boys and girls home". That's the one thing they've been trying to do more than any other in the last thirty years...and now, with Oily Men in the White House and in charge of our military...they have their best shot at it ever. A war and a goodly number of dead Americans would certainly help.

If any environmental creeps and Traitors oppose the measures they'll be portrayed by the Oily Media as being insensitive to the loss of our "dear" boys and girls..."you peace freak wimps want our children to DIE just so we can keep the BEACHES CLEAN???"

Either way they win...every way we lose. But if you can manage 75 cents an hour more...who you gonna complain to? Face "reality" why dont you and quit being idealistic...

If someone offered you $125,000 a year to allow the rivers and air in this country to get polluted...if they gave you stock options to look the other way as civil rights are curtailed...if you got good health coverage for your children for refusing to stop the rape of the Third World...would you accept?

Hell...most of us would do it for minimum wage.

-- panchmaster
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