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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 7:32PM :

Hiding behind the letter "A"...come on Aprim...since when did you become shy?

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Written by Fred A. on 23 Oct 2002 21:06:39:

As an answer to: Re: A message to all Assyrians who dont want to be written by response to ninos on 23 Oct 2002 20:00:27:

But sir, to blame the Assyrians as being those who want to divide churches is childish,

+++No, is the Church that divided Assyrians, and divided them and divided them and divided them....

the mother church have been divided for over 1600 years and some division came in later.

+++Assyrians believed in their own religion for 3000 years before the church divided them into Assyrians and Christians...then Islam came and divided them between Islam and Christianity and thyere are mostly only Muslims and Christians left...except for a few of us who would like to find out if there is anything un-Christian or un-Islamic that remains of Assyrian.

The division of the mother church came in the Synods of Nicaea, Constantinople, Ephesus, and Chalcedon. Who was in control of these Synods?

+++The same rat-bastards who divided us from's a pisser ain't it.

Does the Roman Church and Church of Alexandria ring a bell?

+++I don't know, do they?

The Roman/Persian conflicts and wars forced Babai later, after these Synods have created enough damage already, to isolate the Church in the Persian Empire from the Church in the Roman Empire.

+++You can thank your friggin Christianity for costing us that time...when the Roman enemy embraced Christianity we were paid back in spades for dumping to the Persians we were the co-religionists of the enemy Christian Romans...the beginning of our being identified as belonging to an enemy foreign religion. We've been paying for it since then.

This is not a topic anybody can talk about so casually.

+++Try to remember that the next time you rise to ask your asinine questions at symposia where people have more than an engineering degree form a Diapers College.

If anybody want to be a Christian first, then God bless them, and let me remind you and them that the majority if not all of us here are too, but Christianity is a religion and every Christian must belong to one ethnic group or another.


We have an obligation to educate those who are in the dark. Over 1300 years under Islamic rule have created a illiterate Christian society in the Middle East, and sadly many of us brought that ignorance and naiveness to the west.

+++Blame it everyone else. In that case whose "fault" is it we turned Christian?

It is time to revive this community. We try to educate the public and tell them who they are and who they cannot be based on historical accounts in addition to logic and commonsense.

+++You STILL can't prove you are the hell do you "teach" anyone what you don't know you are? Is ignorance of auto mechanics the best criteria for teaching the subject?

Although it is up to the people to decide, that does not mean that we should not show them the facts.

+++Oh stuff your facts. All they add up to is church history ad nauseum. Endless debates about Mar One and Mar Two and which way they turned on that famous road to Jersey...or was it Edessa?

Some might not agree but there are those educated who will look and analyze what is presented and agree. Simple.
Fred A.

+++"Simple Fred A"...I like that.

+++What could be simpler than that you are a Christian minority who decided to be Assyrian to embellish your claims to a country? If Christians in Iraq are Assyrian, then so are the Muslims of Iraq. prove otherwise...turkey.

-- panchmaster
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