Open Letter To Muslims, Arabs in Particular

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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 8:52PM :

Dear people,

Do not make the same mistake we Assyrians not try to blend into the woodwork and bleach yourselves White or ever apologize for your religion of ethnicity. There will be no safety in wont be accepted any better...indeed, while you desperately try to wipe your selves out, the Redneck Whites will increasingly demonize you, without you there to contradict them.

What's hapenning on the news now is a little like what those other lovely Christians, the Nazis, did to Jews. They are spreading propaganda as news story about you is complete without shots of poor people, ignorant and illiterate dressed in rags, their women covered from head to foot, or squating in the street...much like the infamous films Dr. Goebbels put out with rats imposed over Jews.

No one bothers to seek out the educated and refined Muslims of which we know there are millions. On talk shows they have berrated and humiliated Muslim scholars and spokespeople in ways similar to how the Klan would treat a Black person.

Don't let them get away with it...don't try to find safety in the dark places...your children will either lose respect for you, and themselves...or they'll lose all interest in their ethnic and cultural heritage. We made that mistake...for us it was easier because we were Christian...we could become "Ross" and "Betbassoo"...we could pass for white...until push came to shove and they kicked our asses off of airplanes, gold crosses and all.

You are American citizens and legal immigrants with all the right to be here and be proud of what you bring to much as any German, French, Italian, Irish, Dutch or English immigrant ever had. Ammerica is a land made of ethnic groups, but it belongs to those who make their heritage a part of the overall Culture. The rest of us remain servants and guest workers forever, giving the Man the proof he needs that we are less deserving than he is because he DEMANDS his place. Demand that the same Constitution, what's left of it, that protects the Cracker, protect you. Islam is as much an American religion now as Christianity or Judaism was. Just like with the Assyrian people, both Islam AND Christianity were foreign's just that the Christians get to despoiling people before you guys arrive.

But you're here now...and this country HAS to be made yours as much as it is Bush's and Ashcrofts. Find ways to bring your culture out in the open...don't hide...stick your lovely Arabic and Persian script out in public for all to see...get over your inhibition about the human form, or find other subjects, and do as we did...make public monuments listing your names and history and GET THEM DOWNTOWN. Be as bold and "In Their face" as you can...force them politely but firmly to deal with the fact that you are equal citizens, not frightened rabbits grateful to be "allowed" in the back door.

Do this and you might just keep the respect and dignity of your children, and their gratitude. You'll also help make it less likely that the people in this country will attack Muslims outside and inside America with impunity...taking their cue from you...learning by your example that Muslims and Arabs aren't worth defending or cherishing.

You should have spoken up sooner...back when Communist or Asian villians were replaced in pop culture by "Arab Terrorists". But there's still time if you begin immediately. be afraid to NOT be you...never fear reamining true to yourselves.

It's a bitter lesson we Assyrians learned the hard way...that can't so us any good now. Learn from our mistake...and be grateful in a way that you aren't Christians and cannot "blend" in and blow we are doing...even down to the final indignity of calling for the further destruction of our own Holy land of Betnahrain.

Obviously these jackasses didn't benefit enough from the Cradle of Civilization...especially the ones who fell out of it in their Diapers to crawl around to earth.


Traitor Fred

-- panchmaster
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