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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Thursday, October 24, 2002 at 1:45AM :

In Reply to: David Chibo, we miss you: posted by Jeff from ( on Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 10:12PM :

This site is not in can't blame Tiglath or the Doc...this is a toxic dump as far as our Christtain Phalangists are concerned.

After some 25 years of trying to figure out what makes us tick so badly...I realized it isn't Muslim abuse that has done the greater damage. The Jews were certainly abused and were the South Africans. No. There is something else at work in us...something that rots us from that even if you remove all of our age old and traditional "enemies"...bring us to the most modern countries there are where no impediments are placed before us...we turn on each other...first and foremost, dividing and dividing until we are useless...dividing and dividing because we are divided inside, in our souls. It starts there.

Nothing explained this odd behavior, to me at least, more clearly than this Great Betrayal I see. This dumping our very heart and souls to go follow a jew carpenter...allowing ourselves to be convinced that our own ancestors were something to be ashamed of...I know people wont come out and say it but it's there in the way we behave....and we've found the 'truth" in this claptrap that was repackaged from us and sold back to us in place of the kind of civilization the few remaining shards show us we must have had.

We have indeed stooped to conquer...and we have conquered our own Assyrian souls...thrown them over for something better...a chance for a better life in another Universe...if only we'll die first and get there quickly...taking our infamy with us to contemplate for an eternity.

The Christian Assyrians we have who are most "patriotic" are a fundamentalist group who wish to cut themselves off from the rest of the people of Iraq...they are the ones who turn on anyone who became if turning Christian was fine. What difference does it make how much you get paid...or of what nationality or system of beliefs the person or entity you betray your own kind to is...what counts is that you dumped them...and for what?

There is a central part missing from our's our soul...our Assyrian soul...and no worth the trade, not if you want to maintain you are an Assyrian. And where do we act like Assyrians,,,in church?

The loss of the generators is tragic...the joy of the children of that village and their parents at having light is genuine and a fine thing. can't escape certain realities....that we are focusing on these villages only because the United States allows it. There are villages and neighborhoods elsewhere in the country where no one helps the Assyrians. Then there's the most glaring fact that most of the people there are descendants of the Assyrians and can't seriously maintain that the Christians are Assyrians, the ONLY ones...and any Muslim is from Arabia. It doesn't matter what they 'call" our own boys wont take people's word for anything they don't want to accept anyway. Talk is indeed cheap...meaningless too.

If you'll notice the international agencies that are helping the people of Iraq are making NO distinctions...they are not dividing us into anything...just people. They at least see us as a unified people...with religious distinctions that aren't worth a damn when you're hungry or sick...and not until we see ourselves as a whole nation will we be anything but a playground for the rich and greedy.

Unless we cast our lot with ALL the people of the Mideast...stop thinking in terms of "pure" and "true"...unless life improves for all the people...until we don't join with the people and see them all as one...we are simply playing into increased religious strife and hatred...our Christians there will suffer for it...far more than they have to Americans are far more angry at Islam and Arabs since they have been hurt by some of them.

How can Iraqis forget that it was the Christian United States that did this to them...often with the approval of our own people...many from Iraq? Why should they be expected to be more grand and tolerant and forgiving than Americans...or our own boys who vow to NEVER FORGET an incident 70 years ago in which 5000 were killed...when so many more have been killed and continue to be killed with the promise of more. Killed this time by Christians. Why should they ever forgive any Christian...

What you boys do is make it almost impossible for any Muslim to come out and say he or she is an've made the argument that to be so the person has to be Christian...they would be viewed as another "traitor" by their own people if they tried it. This mess isn't being helped by our sending aid to any corner of Iraq the United States allows us to...shedding tears and caring for those it says we may...consigning the rest to suffer the outrages of the same foreign force that on the other hand allows us to send some generators and medicine.

I know the counter argument...that you have to do something wherever you can. I'm just saying what we've done will have no lasting impact...and might just be intended to serve our desire to do something, anything...because we feel so powerless.

Just as these generators were disabled...just as the entire electric output of the country was disabled...these kinds of things will go on indefinitely and never stop until the people there come together...and think and act and believe and intermarry and live side by side as one people...something our boys would kill to avoid...even if they had to kill their the Israelis are willing to do.

You have hard-liners everywhere who want no easing of the blurring of the lines that keep us apart and enable us to talk about "enemy children". They see it as their national duty to keep us "pure"...which they can;t do if we're at peace and getting along like god intended...Ashur I mean.

If we don't help the entire country to heal...we're building on quicksand. It's happened's happening will happen in the future.

We need to stop focusing on Christian and Muslim and Jew...Iraqi or Assyrian. I don't care if the name is changed to New Jersey...nothing will stop this killing we're all getting used to as another way of life.

To me...any real help for the Assyrians of Iraq will only come when we heal these wounds, and we can't do that as long as the countries that attack Iraq also set the rules for what humanitarian aid can be allowed into the country. Would you accept gifts from the people who killed your father and mother?

Sorry...wrong question...then again, maybe not.

-- panchmaster
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