Roman Legacy

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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Thursday, October 24, 2002 at 7:24AM :

The violence in Palestine is brought to us courtesy of Christianity...not Islam or Judaisim. The Romans sent the Jews wandering the world...the Roman Catholics and Protestants made their lives hell in Europe...whereas they were welcome in Muslim lands...culminating in one gigantic festival of murder, a "final solution" courtesy of Christianity.

Then they sent the ones they hadn't had the time to kill to Palestine with the result that Muslims and Jews were placed in conflict...and we see the results today.

And not just in Palestine but elsewhere in the MidEast this Christian meddling is costing that region dearly.

What business did Constantine have turning Christian? A poorer speciman you could hardly all of Rome was the farthest thing from any sort of a Christ-like anything. Why would the Roman emperor pray for help to a foreign god...wouldn't it be more likely he would pray to his own...the hour before battle?

What is it about Christianity that appeals to the least Christ-like people imaginable?

-- panchmaster
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