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Posted by panchmaster from pool0311.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, October 24, 2002 at 12:06PM :

The guys an engineer in Modesto, belongs to ZOWAA or the Aid Society...they had a blurb by him in the paper...says he's 200% behind Bush...says Americans shouldn't be protesting...should all back their president...how does it look to Saddam etc...the usual.

We just got through making fun of an election in Iraq in which there was only one choice..."Back The President".. Why don't we just adopt Iraq's style of government...where you intimidate everyone into backing the president of a country...why all this messy pluralism...we KNOW WE ARE RIGHT...who needs a loyal oppositon...not Saddam and not Bush either.

This guy presents himself as an Assyrian too...tells the paper that the Assyrians are the Christians in Iraq...you can do what you want with the rest.

Shame on us...we bring our own destruction with us wherever we go.

Ashur preserve the people of Iraq, Christian and Muslim...they are the ones protecting our Homeland...Saddam is America's choice for president...like Somoza, Noriega, Battista, and many many more.

Removing Saddam will not give us a Christian enclave...

-- panchmaster
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