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Posted by panchmaster from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Friday, October 25, 2002 at 3:16PM :

Saw a panel on Iraq...in front of students at George Washington University...they had Hoover Institute types, party hacks for corporations...and some scholars.

One American white guy came out and reminded the audience that before the Gulf War and Sanctions, Iraq enjoyed a high standard of living with the best infant mortality rate in the area...he pointed out that America, not Saddam...had deliberately targeted civilians and such things as water treatment plants...sewage treatment and electrical generating...far more damage than two grenades did to ONE village.

This whole thing is stupid beyond words and what is most sickening is watching "our own" people give their 200% blessing to this charade.

This Kano fellow said that no one in America should disagree with Bush...we should all speak with one voice..."how would it look if Saddam tunes in and sees this".

I would remind this ass that we just got through bashing Iraq for having a so-called election in which there was only ONE choice...only ONE voice for the entire country. Are we supposed to emulate that example?

These turkeys are from Turkey...why not just eliminate the two party system...why not just force all Americans to do what Iraqis have to do...speak with ONE VOICE. This is the kind of democracy these taxi driving leaders would impose on any Christian enclave...this time it would be THEIR one voice you would all have to speak with.

One brilliant student said that if the United States were serious about peace and stability in the MidEast the first order of business would be the Israeli Palestinian issue...that the rest of the unrest grow from that.

Another said that the majority Muslims in Iraq are Shiia...what happens if democracy comes to Iraq and the Shiia Muslims dominate? What will Iran do? What happens to the Christians then? Can there be true demcoracy when there is religious strife? Of course not...not in Iraq, not in Rawanda and not in the United States...and thatīs just the day weīre heading for as we get more and more fractured and divided over GOD.

FUCK GOD...he canīt seem to leave us alone to live in peace ever...there wil never be any consensus on who god is and which god...weīll just revert to the Inquisition when weīll begin punishing pople for believing in the "wrong" god...weīve begun already.

The United States does NOT want peace and stability in those regions..it WANTS the secular government of Iraq to tumble, as it brought down the Shah and put fanatical clerics in his place...it NEEDS religious fanatics to take over every country there and fight against each other so that after years of bloody murder, fueled and armed by the West...the entire region will lay gasping and bloody...and we can go in and "save" what remains.

They are doing this to Iraq and did it to Iran to INCREASE the instability there...thatīs how theyīll pick up their bargains cheap. Thank god for American schools! They are doing a fine job of turning out illiterates who parrot whatever they are told...you canīt even call it "teaching".

Leave Iraq alone...it never did anything to America. America has harmed Iraq.

Iīm convinced now that to really work for the welfare of all the people of Iraq is the only way to help the Christians there. And finally...I have no fear of seeing all Christians leave Iraq. I no longer believe they are the only Assyrians...in fact Iīd say in terms of what counts...of ACTING and not talking...the Iraqi people as a whole are by far the ones who fit Tiglathīs definition of Assyrian being a VRERB, not a noun. Our Christians are just that...they think, act, eat, shit, and pee Christian...they do nothing for any "Assyrian" cause at all.

We have Christian extremists, thatīs all, who donīt want peace in the land...they want bloodshed and war, only they want someone else to do it for them. Our boys here are a far worse threat to the peace and stability required in Iraq before ANYONE can benefit...certainly before any Christians can hope for anything.

Someday...someday...itīs going to have to stop matering whether a kid is Chinese or Assyrian...or which god people believe in...that no god who doesnīt lash out at his own people for killing ANYONE first...is no god at all. Our ethnic heritages...all of the vast variety of them, will have to become a treasuered part of the history of ALL OF US...weīll just be the guardians for the one we were born in...but the Chinese, the Arab, the Polynesian heritages etc. have to ALL become precious...just as we long to see all of these places and taste of all their foods and experiance what customs we may.

I donīt want any one side or person to win or dominate...I donīt want to only eat Chinese wherever I go...or only eat pasta...or hear only one language.

This partisanship has to end or we WILL bring on Armageddon. Ask yourselves who wouldnīt mind that...and they are all of them enemies of LIFE. Like our own Ashur Not-Sure Nyhanyah they will trumpet "death before dishonor"...fuck them...Iīll take life AND honor. Never play by someone elseīs rules.

-- panchmaster
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