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Posted by panchmaster from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Sunday, October 27, 2002 at 12:25PM :

The Iraqis and others who scoff at us wimps for saying there is no call for a war against Iraq...that there never was one to begin with...make a big deal out of claiming that since taking power Saddam has been jailing and killing thousands of his citizens...that the Gulf War and Iran Iraq war were both his idea..his way to kill his own people..like I suppose America went to Vietnam just to kill 58,000 of itīs own sons and daughters.

They also claim that before those events, Saddam was killing people left and right. Undoubtedly the man is not "nice". If he was nice and thoughfull the United States would never have done business with him in the first place...he had to be what he was for the United States to support him and arm him...they knew he could be counted on to put his foot in his mouth when the time came.

But he didnīt starve his own people...life was good and getting beter. Anyone not from a dirt poor Christian village would admit that. Saddam certainly never caused the deaths of 600,000 Iraqi children...hell, he NEEDS citizens. On the contrary, the health delivery systems in Iraq were among the best there and compared favorably with amny modern Western countries.

As far as the argument that heīs going to attack the entire world..thatīs just bullshit and everyone knows it. Itīs a hysterical talking point. We heard before how fierce and viscious he was...and yet he lobbed barely three missles at Israel as a token. It doesnīt take a genius to see heīd be clobbered if he did more than that..but thre is good...three proves heīs "dangerous" and "you never know". Three keeps us believing he might do SOMETHING.

Now we get the nuclear bomb in a suitcase theory...one he will use to blow up an American city. Why bother? We have enough spent plutonium and the rest that weīll blow ourselves up long before his agents get here.

We in America have been taken over at the top by the same unsavory theives we just caught a glimpse of in these recent scandals that have been buried behind Saddam and terrorist threats. Martha Stweart has zillions of dollars, but just HAD to get a few thousand more. These people are already ravaging and terrorizing their own people...with all the callous disregard youīd have for an "enemy". And they claim Saddam has a clever propaganda machine...I mean come on! Those guys are so ham fisted...itīs this country that has the clever propanada ministers...theyīve got us convinced we have to gut our Constitution AND drive ourselves bankrupt and out of work in order to "protect" us...when itīs THEM weīre protecting.

We werenīt wimps for not wanting the United States in Vietnam...lots of people got their heads cracked open and sat in jail. These were also the same people who would gladly risk their lives to protect America...thatīs what we WERE doing!! The others just go where theyīre told to go..and you can see what their country thought of them by the dismal treatment it accorded them...as it neglects its soldiers from the Gulf War and their well documented illnesses..they are all now "wimps" too. To some people, thinking at all, makes you wimpy...you are brave if you march off like a machine when told to and kill whomever they point you at.

The war party always tried to portray the peace party as traitors and wimps...itīs the best way to fire people up. We all pay for it after...like we did after the first war against Iraq...like we will again.

The poor of the world will not tolerate their status forever...not when the super rich are so callous and in our faces with their "lifestyle"...not when they lie to us and cheat and steal from us, widows and orphans too...just as Hammurabi lashed out against thousands of years ago...using us to serve their own ends and allowing a few to catch the crumbs. It never holds...but the longer it takes for there to be a reaction...the more bloody and devastating the result. Look at the difference between the English Revolution...didnīt even know there was one didja...and the French Revolution.

Itīs in all the peopleīs interest to rein these people in now...to stop jumping at every cliche they toss in front of us...to see how they manipulate the "market" and us. They arenīt "leaders" at all...they are as out of touch with our lives as can be...an aristocracy thatīs learned the use of dressing down, jeans and casual wear so weīll think theyīre all folksy and down home.

Our boys will be horribly disappointed...as they always have been, that these "nice" Europeans could dump them again. People need toilet paper---they donīt necessarily want to decorate their homes with it, especially not after theyīve used to wipe up their crap.

Remember Simele...I wish they would.

-- panchmaster
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