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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Sunday, October 27, 2002 at 12:45PM :

:::I donīt believe it! The guy is STILL at it. I log on after a year and the first post I see is by a guy asking if heīs been banned!

Anyway...I couldnīt resist hauling the Ghassbag over...heīs so damn cute!


As an answer to: Re: Question the the webmaster written by Mike on 23 Oct 2002 06:52:01:

While I never wanted to answer an ill-mannered individual like yourself who does not shy away from familiarizing the visitors to this forum with his crooked upbringing, however, for the benefit of those visitors I am giving you my answers and through them to all Assyrianism's followers:

****This guy is all re-runs.

>So if "Chaldean are Chaldeans" why does half of this "Chaldean Nation" call themselves Assyrian, and if "Syriacs are Syriacs" why do half of them call themselves Assyrian???

Ans: The number of Chaldeans who identify themselves as Assyrians is extremely small. As to your claims of "half", well, I have to add such boosting to that which claims that followers of the Assyrian church are much more than their 10% true numbers of all the Christians in Iraq.

>I think we know why >Chaldeans of today are NOT the same ancient Chaldeans
>and that is a fact, and Syriac is our friggen writting system...what the hell is going through your minds

Ans: The only ones that claim Chaldeans of today consider themselves as "descendents of ONLY ancient Chaldeans" are followers of Assyrianism themselves and no one else. The reason for believing one's own lies is the attempt by Assyrianism to hide its own sick hatred to the ancient Chaldeans whom it blames for the downfall of the Assyrian empire.

***He is SO damn stupid itīs impresive.

Reading the words I have posted on the entrance to this Forum and specifically:
Chaldeanism is anti-fanaticism, realistic, and pragmatic approach for the attainment of the national rights for the Chaldean people. It is for loving all of our ancestral Fathers: Babylonians/Chaldeans, Assyrians, and Arameans. All without exception.

Those words should be enough to shut the mouth of all those who want to convince themselves and the world about how the Chaldeans look at their ancestry.

>Q:If Chaldean is a nationality why is'nt there any Chaldean political group to represent them...Why does Zowaa do more for these "Chaldeans" then any Chaldean does or ever will do????

Ans: I am not aware of Zowaa doing "more" for the Chaldeans. The number of Chaldeans and Assyrians in "no fly zone" where Zowaa is active is no more than 30,000 people. The number of Chaldeans in Iraq is ONE MILLION.
Even there, Zowaa concentrate its projects to supporting Assyrian villages first and foremost, however, and for political propaganda it attempts to direct a small amount of money to its own supporters in the Chaldean villages. Actually, what I've heard from Chaldean activists in northern Iraq is complaints that Zowaa "buys out" Chaldean recruits by giving them monthly salaries or grants from the money it receives from Assyrians abroad.

Finally, young man, I would like to let you know that I am having enough with your continuous ill-manners on this Forum. So far I have deleted dozens of your posts and I am ready to ban you once again if you don't learn how to respect yourself and display a higher level of mannerism than the one you're used to. Behave yourself or you'll be out.

***Such a smarmy can just see him in pedal pushers and a casmere sweater, fake bobs, bad hair and worse make-up...hand on hip as he delivers this looking down his nose at the ill mannered world. Thank god he is Chaldean!


-- panchmaster
-- signature .

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