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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Tuesday, October 29, 2002 at 2:08PM :

These battles between our Christians and the people and government of Iraq are nothing more than a continuation of religious wars...the kind that ruined every continent they were fought on...the main reason the Pilgrims were willing to risk their adventure to get away from.

Itīs just hard to see it for what it is because we arenīt used to dealing with it here in the West. You could almost say the reason the West even exists as a place of refuge for people fleeing the MidEast is because in the West they de-fanged religion.

Theorhetically all are welcome here and can worship whom they choose. Thatīs why Muslims and Christian and Hindu who slit each otherīs throats everywhere else run to America for protection from each other...and learn quickly enough that listenning to "god" is no excuse to commit murder.

But this country is changing too after years of religious resurgence. Our own Americans now want a holy war in the name of Christ they come with tales of Christianity in imminent peril...are you kidding?

What an ugly sight it presents...and these three sisters from hell all came out of ONE Godīs rear canīt explain it away by saying they are totally unfamiliar with each other. They are cousins...just as we are back home...killing cousins.

For whatever good has come from organized the benefits in technology and even medicine that come from just isnīt worth the price. Not because religion makes otherwise peaceful people murder...but because religion ENCOURAGES it...never openly but we all know what happens to a religion that "loses". Those making their living of of its institutions would be out of any CEO dreads the collapse of his empire. Itīs what motivates our Assyrian Christians to leap on the anti-Saddam wagon...their one chance to even the score.

When you kill people opposing you, who happen to be of a different get that satisfied glow from knowing you are not only saving the country and government...but the God of your Universe as well. Who can forbear driving a knife into a young girls abdomen with that at stake?

Itīs the people...stupid. And the stupid people use religion as a shield and prop and impetus to maintain the matter what.

-- panchmaster
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