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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Thursday, October 31, 2002 at 12:48PM :

In Reply to: Iraqi Bomb Shelter (Christian Tomb) posted by Jeff from ? ( on Thursday, October 31, 2002 at 0:59AM :

The United States has killed far more Iraqis, Christian or Muslim, then Saddam ever did. Itīs also killed more Assyrians than he ever did...destroyed more homes and business and churches than he ever did.

And yet our Christian boys want even more blood and destruction.

It isnīt bcause theyĻ"love" anybody...but that they HATE Islam and blame it and Saddam and Minnie Mouse if they could for their own spectacular personal failings. How convenient to have your own private demon to blame...itīs "HIS" fault...never theirs.

You can see it in the way they conduct their forums...what they donīt like...what they canīt answer...what they canīt think of anything to say about...what therefore makes them uncomfortable is THE PROBLEM.

If they are too stupid or illiterate to know much of never crosses their minds to improve themselves or increase their level of, itīs <Your fault you know something because by expressing yourself and leaving them without a thought or word to say in return, makes them so uncomfortable they get mad at YOU...never take themselves to task.

Itīs the reason they hate Islam so and blame everything on someone else...they were just simple, gentle and wise Christians minding their own business when "they" came out of the blue and harmed them. You remember the kid who always said, "they made me do it"...the kind who could never take responsibility for his own failings.

Thatīs all their political bullshit amounts to...thatīs where their "facts" and "demands" and "protests" come from...a deeply flawed personality that needs to put the blame on someone else...and what serves beter than Islam?

punks....and they could give a shit how many innocent people die as a result...theyīre so goddamned full of themselves they figure 100 people killed are barely enough to atone for what THEY suffered.

-- panchmaster
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