People of Iraq

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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Friday, November 01, 2002 at 3:42PM :

...are the modern day descendants of the ancient Assyrian people. Among us there is a Christian minority that sees itself as the only true remnant...because they are Christian(?). Go figure.

You can see what makes Christians in those lands can see it in their eagerness to spur the United States on to a war and continued Sanctions...all in the name of their one true Jesus Christ. What sense can any Muslim make of this than that Christians are more interested in their religion than in their homelands?

Iraq today is a Muslim country and has been one for a long time. The people of Iraq who didnīt turn Christian, turned Muslim...but they didnīt stop being they will tell the Christians will tell. The same ones who insist that by turning Muslim you can no longer be Assyrian.

People are being killed for this nonsense...urged on by our Christians. And then they have the nerve to demand MORE scope and space for Christianity in Iraq...

Iīm surprised Christians havenīt been completely run out of those regions. It is a testament to the good will and decency of the Iraqi people that they can distinguish between the American government and the people...something we in America have a hard time doing. In our loathing for a dictator who oppreses his own people...weīve turned our anger at the people.

This will make the world more secure? No...making it secure is not what our leaders want. In a secure world we blur the differences between people..we see people for what they are...we intermarry, we hold interfaith communion...this risks the power base of patriotic citizens these people depend upon to get them into come looking to them for protection.

Eternal strife and discord suit our current crop of leaders perfectly. What do they care that we the people have to pay for it...since when were they shy about stealing money from us?

Just Say NO!

-- panchmaster
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