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Posted by panchmaster from host-148-244-221-62.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Saturday, November 02, 2002 at 2:45PM :

Back in the 50īs when I got to America the last thing anyone wanted to be was "ethnic". The melting pot was in full force. Course what we didnīt realize was that we were trading our own ethnicity...a vastly superior one...for the prevailing European Scoth, Irish, Anglo-Saxon, French ethnicity that passed for "American".

It sort of worked. You had a lot of Darkies reaching for the Clorox. The people we moved in with here even thought Christ spoke English and was from somewhere up by Boston.

Since those bland days...just look at how bread has changed since then...ethnic people coming to American felt just fine staying who they were. Hence you soon had the "English Only" movement in California and all the doubletalk about being "loyal" Americans...meaning you join in when the White Man, who still runs the joint, asks you to a gang fight...even against your own people.

Now the Man isnīt so sure he wants more ethnic types...we no longer yearn and burn to become white like him. Weīre very happy to be among ourselves...work hard to carry our load...but feel no need or desire to apologize for our "strange ways". This has unsettled the White Man whose fondest quirk it is to imagine that everyone wants to be "superior"...like him.

They have to be looking at the stats...Islam is the fastest growing religion in America. Wouldnīt that be a kick in his arse...taking advantage of the rights the Constitution grants ALL American citizens to protect ourselves and live as we choose...as the White Man does. Maybe thatīs why they need to peck away at the Constitution...they canīt come out and say the Consitution is for WHITES ONLY...or even for those who WANT TO BE WHITE.

At one time the Constitution didnīt cover women or Blacks...now it does. Unless they manage to close the borders entirely...and make Islam a "terrorist" religion...and get rid of a whole lot of non-white ethnic pride...they could lose their "god given feeling" that they and only they have God Given Rights.

Democracy is indeed a troubling thing...even in a Democracy. It all boils down to the U.S. Constitution...thatīs the only "America" we have worth a damn...the rest is politics and you know what thatīs like.

-- panchmaster
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