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Posted by Fred Aprim from ( on Monday, November 04, 2002 at 5:38PM :

post lifted from aina...this guy is Assyrians???


To the Moderator

Posted By: Fred Aprim (
Date: Saturday, 2 November 2002, at 12:09 p.m.

Dear Moderator,

It goes beyond saying that the Assyrians are in a very crucial
period of their history. This forum is an important mean to mirror
the Assyrians' national perspective to the world and to the American
public. Many who hold ill-hearted feelings towards the Assyrians or
very few sick Assyrians can do us much harm when they come here and
post under different names and post thoughts that do the Assyrians
more damage than good.

We should indeed cherish the freedom of press and speech but when
that freedom is abused, we must not tolerate it, especially in these

I suggest that posting here should be designed based on
registeration (temporarily at least) until this issue of Iraq is
resolved. If anybody really cares to express his/her point of view,
then let them be known and let them have that one user name of their
choice. To flood this forum with anti American posts (which by
default are anti Assyrian since we want the regime of Baghdad out
and freedom for Assyrians) under various names, then I believe it is
not to our benefit.
I understand that you show the IP address, but I am not sure whether
the average visitor cares to check on the IP address, rather the
name and topic.

Again, let this measure be temporary until the issue of Iraq is

Just a thought.

-- Fred Aprim
-- signature .

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