Buying An Army

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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Tuesday, November 05, 2002 at 6:06PM :

Used to be business interests kept an arms length distance to politicians...behind the scenes they orchestrated things their way. When the Establishment starts being critical of itself you know things have gone way bad. Money in politics is more a problem than ever...and these guys wouldnīt stop until they eliminated the "middleman" altogether...the Senator or Congressman, even the President.

Now they just go from the Boardroom to political office and chairmanship of our Joint Chiefs of Staff. We donīt have even a semblance of politicians any longer...just CEOīs doing the usual in an unusual way...with the backing of the Fed and the largest military complex ever assembled. A level playing field??? You got to be kidding.

Then they wax patriotic..."love" America and the rest of it. You can see how much they love Americans by the number of Americans sleeping on the streets, poorly educated, fed and clothed...all the while these yucks are stealing ever more and more from those same Americans they love to death. See them love our forests and water and them preserve dwindling resopurces, watch them watch over the Alaska preserve and our ocean shores.

Take back the government...carpe diem all over them and throw the bums much MORE money does Martha Bush need?

Get the CEOīs out of politics and get them the hell away from the bombs. Not even Krupp and I G Farben had this kind of least Hitler was "voted" into office with a true majority.

-- panchmaster
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