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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Wednesday, November 06, 2002 at 12:35PM :

In Reply to: Two more years... posted by Jeff from ? ( on Wednesday, November 06, 2002 at 7:25AM :

It isnīt just the Repubs. Nader says it right when he states they are all of them in the same boat. It isnīt a question of a "good guy" buying our government...itīs that this wasnīt the way it sīposed to be.

Our Constitution is too precious...ahem, to be up for grabs...from a good Repub or a lousy Dem. They keep us chasing our tails when they take moral high grounds they neither of them have any right to. Dems have screwed things up just as was Dems that got us into Vietnam and other peckerdillos.

We, the people...have no one to blame but ourselves. The Iraqi and Afghani people may be blameless...but not us. People long ago fought hard and died and suffered NOT to give businessmen the right to make all they can...they did it so we could have a say so in our own government. Of course it was shot through with holes and exceptions and mean rotteness...what isnīt? Look at the Church trying to justify itself and THEY have godīs the same time they want little Johnnyīs rear.

Money corrupts politics...especially politics. We pay for our own army and highways and everything else...we have GOT to begin paying for the election process...taking back OUR airwaves and making every accomodation necessary to allow whatever message these candidates have to get to most of us in the cheapest and best way...and WE pick up the tab. Itīs in our own self-interest...then we wont have the heads of failed companies or greedy and unscrupulous Eisenhower warned us against...buying their way nto office and just incidentally voting themselves contracts and concessions.

It isnīt Bushīs isnīt Dems or Repubs...itīs us. These gung ho warriors of today have already forgotten the treatment their brothers received after the Vietnam War...the neglect after the Gulf War. They too are being lulled with trumpets and drums...age old story.

Napoleon, among others, made it a practise to execute immediately and on the spot, anyone even suspected of selling shoddy goods to the Army...or shortchanging it in any way. Many fortunes have been made by taking advantage of a nationīs plight...manufactured or real. In our case we have given our government over to the people who stand to profit most by deploying these men and women...and charging us for their maintenance...and skimming the profits right off the tops off all of us.

They used to be hanged...not elected to lead us. Some things were better then.

-- panchmaster
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