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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, November 07, 2002 at 2:02PM :

In Reply to: "Hostage deaths put gas weapons in spotl posted by Lilly from ? ( on Thursday, November 07, 2002 at 12:12PM :

It is always conceivable to get yourself so worked up that you just HAVE to gas Jewish children to death in factories, or murder Palestinian ones in Ramallah. It´s also possible to so abuse people that they´re willing to come kill your kids as retaliation for your killing theirs.

We can keep this up until the list of acceptable "pay backs" includes raping three month old make them docile, less of a terrorist threat or something...anything is possible, we should know that about ourselves by now.

The only way to avoid these "necessities" is to avoid the conditions that bring around this sort of cause and effect, tit for tat. Most people in the world are reasonable and not too ambitious. What they want is a roof over their heads, a family raised in reasonable security, food on the table, health care that will allow them to enjoy life, however long it lasts...and the peace to enjoy it. It is the souless few who want more money than they can ever use and are willing to do what they need to get it who have brought us here.

Part of what they have been willing to do is make extremists out of decent, everyday people. It isn´t hard to do you can make anyone snap. Look at Bush himself and his looney family...what in god´s name HAVEN´T they had or enjoyed that they need so much more at the expense of countless innocent people who never heard of them. Was Martha Stewart so hard up that she HAD to steal some money from the suckers who bought her worthless Imclone stock? These people atre insane...and we look up to them???

The danger really facing us is that these guys are MAKING desperate, irrational people who have nothing to lose...they are manufacturing them JUST so they´ll prey on the rest of us...scare the hell out of us so we´ll gladly vote for "stringent measures to be taken" protect us from people who a few years ago were no threat to anyone...and who would still prefer a life of peace and simple pleasures. Once you work them the crowds who´d finally had enough of Louis the whatever...there is no holding them back. These weapons we´re so enamored of will be useless...worse than that...they be turned against our own airplanes and flight schools and yes even our own Constitution was.

What´s really sickening is to watch our own "patriots" falling in step. They aren´t interested in anything but furthering their own if anyone loves the toilet paper he is glad to have the same way they, and a lot of innocent people, will be flushed down the toilet when they´ve served their "great national" purpose. These guys HATE...that´s all. They hate and blame Islam and the Baath and anyone else they can for their own miserable showing in Life. They want revenge...that´s what all their patriotism and Phalangists movements mean...and in true form they haven´t the guts to do it themselves, but must kiss Massa´s ass some more.

I´ve got a phalange raised just for them right now.

-- panch
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