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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, November 07, 2002 at 3:01PM :

Next week the gallery finally opens in Tucson. I saw it while there was still construction going on. In time youīll know which it is...but for now, to keep the hate mail to a minimum...I ainīt telling. There wil no doubt be a dozen e-mails from the Gassman about my ill-manners.

Itīs funny...who else but Jackie and the rest of them would demand good manners as proof of god artistry? Can you imaginew how far Barbra Streisand would get if the criteria was how "nice" she is? Who in godīs name wants NICE writers and poets and paintrs and danvcers? Are we crazy or what?

Jackie was pleased to offer you all the the many fine works of that Assyrian sculptor...Lorinda Menchavez. Exactly..."who"? Having seen Ms Menchavezīs work at the convention in San Hosed, I canīt tell how nice the artist is...but I can tell you that the three clay pots looked exactly as three clay pot s should...sort of "potty".

I mean no disrespect towards Ms Menchavez...or pots and potters either. I tried throwing a pot once...couldnīt see the point. But to each her own...though I DO think theyīve tried a bit too ard to elevate pot throwing to an art form...but given what passes today, why not?

Anyway...I doubt if Jackie would put the three pots in her home. She certainly hasnīt thrown my sculpture out of hers. She may have found me dense...slow to get a hint, and finally just plain rude and a lot of "trouble"...but thereīs no doubt she still values the art...still has my naked torso in her bedroom...and the rest of the pieces scattered throughout her house. Hell, she likes my work so much she even took home the one I gave her club...what would they do with it? I hear she brught it back...after I mentioned it here.

That was the point all along. It shouldnīt have been about how nice and accomodating I am to Jackie...being nice to her shouldnīt be the criteria with which we judge what is good art for the community. The convention should have done what Jackie does...disliked me but wanted my sculptures around the house...and Jackie PAID for them too!

Sheīs no dummy...YOU are. The pots were good enough for you...good enough for Melody and her friends to see. Put the pots in HER house...are you crazy!!!

As far as I know itīs a first for us, this gallery show of Assyrian pieces...for me certainly. That doesnīt cheer me at all...I wish I was one of ten thousand...then I could sit back and watch the rest of THEM get fucked by Bejan and company.

Geez...what a specialty I yam. Itīs not enough I had to be a sculptor...but an Assyrian sculptor. And if that wasnīt asking for it...I had to make Assyrian sculpture...AND, just to make my life as miserable as it could be...I had to be an Assyrian sculptor making Assyrian sculpture for ASSYRIANS! If that isnīt a Death Wish, itīs at least an invitation to get severely mauled...which is why I...and Jeff...have to fight it.

Poor soner does he take the clamps off and get ready bite some nubile young thang than he gets socked with a two million dollar lawsuit.

You canīt see them yet...but you should see the kinds of letters that passed between Jeff and Jackie for a year before she turned on him.

Itīll melt your eyeballs...itīll steam your will up your chuck. The terms of endearment...the promises of unending and undying friendship...the intimacies...the weird pet names. Youīll think you got a mash note from some prevert.

Iīm itching...but I canīt scratch. You must know that we now have TWO lawyers reading this site every day...looking for anything that will help them present Jackie as the Scarlet OīHara of Assyria..."I shall never Drive a Rover Ahgain"! Got to be a little careful is all.

I have no doubt...when all is said and done...I will get just what I deserve...them too.

-- panch
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