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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Friday, November 08, 2002 at 11:21AM :

In Reply to: Re: well posted by panch from ( on Thursday, November 07, 2002 at 6:12PM :

: Itīs also just plain humiliating to have to submit to any inspections, when itīs America and Israel who are doing the flaunting of UN resolutions and refusing any kind of inspections. Just what the fuck are all these weapons we taxpayers are subsiding and the companies making are selling around the world for if NOT killing people? When used as directed, we get our bowels in an uproar! Are they suposed to farm chickens with poison gas...are tanks supposed to deliver children to people go shopping in helicopters and gunships??? No! They use them to KILL PEOPLE...what the hell you want to "inspect"? And just where does the damn stuff come from anyway...right, the "Inspectors" themselves.

xxx I agree w/ you, but as long as the UN Security Council acts as arbiter, there *have* to be "inspections"... until something else can be done, instead. Realistically, what's hard is holding back the US gov't. It has to be done by someone. I'm not an advocate for these humiliating "inspections", but I'm sure as hell glad that an aggressive US gov't is (right now, anyway) channeling all of its actions through the UN.

xxx I *love* the statement you make about the weapons sales - if we could translate that into a 15 min film & show it to our neighbors & friends at all of our get-togethers, perhaps that would reach other US citizens who don't see things that way yet. That's the only way I know how to circumvent the media brainwashing.

: These demands are meant to be provocative and humiliating...meant to drive at least a percentage of the populace over the edge and into Terrorland...soīs we can all be protected to death here in Disneyland.

xxx You know, I put on the TV last night for a few minutes while sorting through papers... & it was just awful - these ads on TV showing all that food, most of it thrown away when people can't finish it. It's right there - people talking about making Thanksgiving dinners all over the commercials, about making the turkey "just right" or there will be massive repercussions to endure (from the family). Do we even know how many people around this world would literally put their lives on the line for one of our burnt, imperfect turkeys just so they can feed their families for a few more days?... We do live in a Disneyland... well, at least the middle & upper classes do. & we are taught to think we need more than this. That we can throw away burnt turkeys until we have the "perfect" one. It's obsessive, selfish behavior!

-- Lilly
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