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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, November 08, 2002 at 1:50PM :

Let me just go ahead and say it...I donīt believe a damn thing this media of ours has said about Saddam. Right now theyīre covering for a whole other bunch of likely thugs...I donīt believe in our "good" thugs...and I donīt buy our "bad" thugs. I question instead the kind of policymakers who need thugs of any kind.

As far as Iīm concerned Coiln Powell participated in a far greater evil...the murder of three million innocent Vietnamese civiliinas who never did a damn thing to us except try to run their own lives...brought on by a proven lie from another president of ours that we had been attacked first, or at all.

I want a true and verifiable accounting of just exactly what this man did...and who helped him do it,,,his partners in evil, before I buy into the hate fest and salivate and growl and snap on cue.

Just like god...I have no way of proving anything either way...and I ainīt taking any damn burning Bush or evil Saddam on faith.

-- panch
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